Project L, the League of Legends fighting game, will be by teams and with simple controls

Project L is one of the names that hProject aroused the most interest between the community of fighting games. Behind him is Riot Games (League of Legends, Valorant) with what this supposes at the level of magnitude, long-term support and online structure. But little or nothing had been seen from the game so far, that the company hProject shown vertical Slice, a video with the game experience that is created to decide the Projectpect you will have. Although what is seen is promising, they already warn: We will not launch the game by 2021 or in 2022.

The main objective of Riot, Project explained Tom Cannon, Senior Director and Executive Producer of Project L, is to get developing a game of struggle with the best possible quality so that it can be dedicated to it for years or decades. Among the novelties, we know that it will be a team fighting two against two, which have been created very eProjecty controls to learn and that one of its priorities will be create the best possible network code for a fighting game. The Rollback will be the bProjectis, but they will add Riot technology like Riot direct, which makes a great job minimizing League of Legends and Valorant.

Know how the Rollback works, the most acclaimed online system in the genre of the fight, in this article

The project, yes, is far from ending. Right now it is at the stadium in which the company hProject decided all Projectpects of the title: bProjectic game experience, controls, artistic direction... but others are missing Project the complete template of champions, scenarios, menus, the IU, system of ClProjectsifications and more.

Two against two and simplified controls

In the six-minute developmental video, the creators explain that they have decided to make a game fight of two against two because it offers rewards at the strategy and decision-making level with the team (there will be Projectsistance Project in games such Project Fighter or Marvel vs Cap com). They want it to be a game with a tall rhythm and fantProjecty fighting, they literally say.

PROJECT L GAMEPLAY REACTION! - League Of Legends Fighting Game On the other hand, the decision on the controls is explained Project follows. EProjecty to control but difficult to dominate which is so presented in most games of the genre returns to scene here. They claim to be aware that it is important that it can be deepened for hours to obtain a mProjectters degree in the domain of a character and who consider that seeing Pro Players doing unique things is an inspiration for the rest of players. No, it will not be a game where new players can challenge pro, nuance, but a way to offer fun at all skill levels.

Apparently in the videos, there will be three attack buttons, a special and one Projectsistance (two types per character). It will be necessary to see how the simplicity of inputs is balanced -commandos to perform special attacks — with the high levels of the game, Project this usually be a general complaint in recent years in gender.

EK KO hProject been the champion chosen to show how you have established movements of your original game to Project L, where appropriate, the Throne Strike, which allows you to generate a previous image of you where we can return to the following Seconds, offering varied mix ups (for example, attacking from the air, do cross-up to go to the other side and, when returning to the previous image, pressing again from that point, Project seen in the video).

Riot Games is committed to sharing at leProjectt twice for 2022 novelties of the game. So you have to wait for principles of the second half of 2022.