Sony PlayStation Showcase of the Year: Relieving Disappointment from the State of Play!

One of the most anticipated events by Sony fans are the State of Play. Where, almost always, pleasant surprises and releases are revealed that proud the owners of PlayStation consoles, showing them the panorama of exclusive and video games to which they will have access in the near future. Unfortunately, the last edition left much to be desired, but all this is expected to change in the imminent PlayStation Showcase 2023. While Xbox continues to show Red fall's advances, Fora Motorsport and more. Nintendo announces Pinyin 4, DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and Sony... Well, Sony left his followers disappointed with the lack of a large announcement in the most recent State of Play. However, it seems that the situation could take a turn, if the company is keeping the best for the PlayStation Showcase this year. We did have some Street Fighter 6 and the remake of Resident Evil 4 but, out of the 15 minutes of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, there was no something that would fly to the fans. Who felt that most ads were filled. And it is that the number of games that Sony has under development is immense and none of these titles appeared in the event. This is the reason why the PlayStation Showcase is expected to show more exclusive than ever. It is very likely that among them is Marvels Spider-Man 2, whose release date is scheduled for autumn 2023. The Silent Hill 2 remake should also have some update or a new trailer at least. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is another expected title that reaches consoles in winter and details of its gameplay are expected. Not to mention the expectation caused by the multiplayer of The Last of Us, and this is only the obvious. It is still known if Bungee will show any of the FPS you are developing for Sony. House marque, Return creators also confirmed to work on a project for PlayStation and there are strong rumors about a sequel to Ghost of Sushi.


Via: Game rant Editor's note: E3 can be dead but, in any case, this season remains the most exciting due to the presentations that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony do by their side. It will not be a surprise to confirm that everyone kept the best for these events.