Saving the Scum at WO Long: Fallen Dynasty in PlayStation - Tips and Strategies to Preserve Your Morals and Qi.

If you play in PlayStation and you are in a good position, either with your level of morals or with the genuine Qi that you currently have, there is a way to preserve it if you are afraid of any imminent risk. It is not the fastest process, but it is a way to add a security layer if you do not trust your skills. Here is how to save the scum at TO Long: Fallen Dynasty in PlayStation.

To Long: Fallen Dynasty PlayStation Save Scum

This trick will not only work in PlayStation, but must also be subscriber of PlayStation Plus. There are two methods for this depending on whether you are playing the game in PS4 or PS5, and we will review both.

PlayStation 4 scum savings method

Use the battle flag to save your game and then go to the title screen before closing the game completely. From the start menu, while highlighting the TO Long game mosaic: Fallen Dynasty, press options in your controller and press X to load/download saved data. Now load the current local save in the cloud storage to maintain its safe progress. Now you can play the game normally, and if something happens later, close the game and then download the saved in the cloud to return to where it was before.

PlayStation 5 scum savings method

Image source: PlayStation through This is a bit more complicated and will require that you enter your configuration in saved data and game / applications configuration.


Go from the first option of saved data (PS5) and go down to synchronize saved data. Everything you need to do at this point is to click on automatic synchronization of saved data and press X in the following tab to deactivate it. From here, you can return to the home screen, follow the same steps as in the PS4 method, and you will have no problem to save your place. For example, if you want to maximize your moral range (it has a limit of 25) before fighting the head of the tutorial, you can easily do this trick to fight it without having to put 15 levels of morals again. Keep in mind that this disabled, none of your games will automatically load your cloud data. It is better to re-activate the automatic load once you have finished with TO Long: Fallen Dynasty so that progress is not to be forced and lost in something else.

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