Where Long - Fall Dynasty: Final Spurt for Release with Free Demo and DLC - February's Newest Release!

Already last year the Soulslike in ancient China offered a free trial version, which we took a close look at in our preview, of course. Now interested gamers get the chance to shed their blades once again and to st ³ Zen against the nasty creatures of the spiritual Nigh follower.


While February with all sorts of new releases, the More with where long: falls dynasty is already on the horizon and appealing fans with a brand-new demo.

TO LONG: Falls Dynasty-trial version winds up on all platforms

The demo ³ Brig ens is still worth it if you are already sure that where you desire to play Dynasty or have even given up a pre-order. If you do not hunt off the bookstore from common challengers and successfully finish the trial version, you will receive the DLC head cover Crouching Dragon Helmet as a benefit.

You didn't desire to reveal exactly what awaits you in the demonstration. It can be assumed that you will experience the beginning of the game D ³ ft, since the development made may then be taken into the complete variation. It already appears on the 3rd More, just around a week and a half after the taster course.

However then it still takes a little patience: the demo where long: falls Dynasty does not go live on February 24, as the main Twitter channel of the video game revealed. All platforms are served: Your D ³ ft both on the PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and take an appearance and the PC.

trailer watch party up until the final release

The release of the demo on February 24 is no longer as far as the full variation of TO Long: Fall Dynasty on the 3rd More, but it is still a bit of waiting time ³ Berber ³. Naturally, the trailers that are newly discovered in January, obviously, provide you once again in numerous matters.

If the story trailer reveals you the framework and the search for immortality, the gameplay video focuses where Long: Fall Dynasty fully on the Kn ³ Peel difficult arguments with corpus, stones throwing crocodiles and airplane. You are at least so psychologically ready if you meet them in the demo.


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