Unlock A Whole New Level Of Gaming Immersion With PlayStation VR2 And Gran Turismo 7

This is nothing unique for Gran Tourism 7. It is a kind of textbook application of this function.

This month, the latest Virtual Reality Headset from Sony with PlayStation VR2 is released, with which the PlayStation makers want to declare a new age of the VR video gaming. As revealed a few days ago, the racing game Gran Tourism 7 will be one of the launch titles of the brand-new VR headset and will be launched in an adapted variation for PlayStation VR2. After it has already been confirmed that the VR version will offer all material that was currently in the initial Gran Tourism 7, series creator Samundri Yamaguchi discussed the deal with the PlayStation VR2 application of the racing game in an interview. As Yamaguchi described, Gran Tourism 7 was established in the back of the head with PlayStation VR2 from the start. As a result, the advancement of the VR version was rather straightforward.

Work began after the completion of GT Sport

Yamaguchi explained: At the end of Gran Tourism Sport's advancement, we began with Gran Tourism 7 and wanted to make the whole video game playable on PSVR2. Gran Tourism 7 supports Native 4K/60, however if you set such objectives, naturally you likewise support things like VR. This is absolutely nothing unique for Gran Tourism 7. It is a kind of textbook application of this function. Of course we did not anticipate it to just result, included Yamaguchi to the display in 120fPS on PlayStation VR2. We were persuaded that the innovation truly works. We believed that if you focus something, you may see the lower resolution on the edge, but you actually can't.


We found that when we worked on establishing all of this. More reports about Gran Tourism 7: All automobiles and paths available in PSVR2 version VR variation in the brand-new video with gameplay scenes PSVR2 gamer delight in a VR display room PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023. Source: GT Planet More reports on Gran Tourism 7.