Unboxing Sony's PlayStation VR 2: How to Connect and What to Expect on February 23, 2023

He will formally arrive on February 23, 2023, but the PlayStation VR 2 is currently in the procedure of flooding socials media. Sony Interactive Entertainment has led to push copies and numerous editors can finally start testing the different games that will be available at launch.


The Japanese producer has actually not stopped working to make its own unpacking in the guidelines of the art if each media has enjoyable making unboxing on their side. It is Key Panama, Global Product Method & Management, who was accountable for getting all the elements of the brand-new virtual reality headset from Sony, without white gloves, but with all the care required to harm anything from the device.

In addition to showing us each part of the mask from various angles, it likewise information each functionality and likewise shows us how to link the elements between them.