Tohru Okada, Creator of Iconic PlayStation Logo Sound, Passes Away at 73

The gaming links do not end there, nonetheless. In his residence country, Oneida is perhaps best-known as a founding member of the Japanese rock band Moon riders, which showed highly influential over time. Oneida's bandmate Each Suzuki made up tracks for the Mom collection, which consists of the ultra-cult game Earthbound, as well as its ill-fated innovator Mother (known as Earthbound Starts in English), which really did not appear in the West up until 2003.


Japanese artist and also songs manufacturer Thru Oneida has actually passed away of heart failure at 73, according to numerous Japanese-language sources. In the globe of video gaming, Oneida is best-known for his service commercials, particularly those for PlayStation. You likely recognize his most noteworthy job-- an extremely concise one-- as it appears in plenty of playstation commercials. Not just did he compose and produce the songs that played during numerous unforgettable and highly odd Accident Bandicoot ads in the '90s, as shown in the listed below video clip, but he likewise developed the legendary noise that comes with the appearance of the PlayStation logo design.

It's a sound that's stood the examination of time, lasting more than 25 years as an indelible part of the brand. It's so closely connected with the PlayStation name that you might not also recognize that it plays virtually every single time the logo design shows up.