Sony Execs Signal That the Next God of War Might Take Longer Than Expected

As already known, it is currently working on several programs and films based on the PlayStation franchises, among the shows are Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Tourism and even God of War. Regarding the Rates saga, it has been confirmed that it will arrive at the Prime Video platform, and although it is expected to be a good series, it seems that the final opinions will take. Through a new interview with the medium known as Deadline, the president of Sony Pictures TV Studios, Katherine Pope, talked about interesting things about the future of the company with different productions.


Given this, the theme of the PlayStation series has been taken and clearly the history of the god of war was going to float. This is the general answer that gave about these productions and also God of War:

Intellectual property and expanding universes continue to be a large part of our business safely, and I think a large part of everyone's business. I agree, PlayStation's intellectual properties have become increasingly important: The Last of Us we just renewed for the second season, and we have a very close relationship with PlayStation and its creatives.

We are working on God of War, the PlayStation title, which is still in the early stages. I know the game quite well, and I am very impressed with what they are already doing in terms of building that world and expanding it, maintaining all the values but also expanding, it will continue to be a really satisfactory show on its own.

All this means that the show is going to get much later to what is expected, it could be that in 2024 we have that long-awaited first glance. Via: The Gamer Editor's note: At least we have to know that this year the Gran Tourism tape is released, which promises to have a visual quality like no other car tape. Rates will have to wait a little longer to get to streaming.