Sony Dominates the US Market Share: How the PS5 is Winning After Delivery Bottlenecks

After the delivery bottlenecks of the PlayStation 5 are slowly belonging to the past, Sony Interactive Entertainment had actually revealed the existing shipment variety of the current console during the day.


In the meantime, 32.1 million copies have been put on the market, with those responsible increasing the sales forecast.

Xbox in the meantime

In the meantime, Pirogi Took, Sony Chief Financial Officer, has also spoken about the present market share of PlayStation 5 in the U.S.A. Accordingly, this was substantially broadened. According to Took, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S gradually decreased the distance to PlayStation 5. The numbers of the last financial quarter have again made the concerns. Said Took (per genii_Jpn):. The space [between the competition and the PS5] was also a bit closed in the United States in summer, but just recently our share has been substantially broadened. This is something vibrant, which is why we have to thoroughly observe the circumstance from the 4th quarter.. In Europe, the marketplace share of PlayStation 5 is larger compared to the United States.

Took emphasized that one continues to keep a high position. He did not provide any particular figures on the existing market shares. Further, reports on PlayStation 5:. Sony increases sales projection and doubles PS4 record. Shipment number and info on PS Plus and game sales. By the way, Took will be the brand-new president of Sony from April. He takes over the post of Kinichiro Yeshiva, who remains as handling director in the company. Source: Twitter (via PlayStation Lifestyle). Additional reports on PS5.