Rumor Alert: The Last of Us Part 3 Could Be Headed To PS5 With PS6 In Mind,

Dog Naughty is working in the last of us part 3 with PS6 in mind, according to a new report published in The Leaker and shared by the Twitter user Domthebomb. The news comes through an anonymous source of Sony that speaks with the site, which states that the third chapter of the successful post-apocalyptic horror franchise is in progress and is being done with the PS6 not yet announced by Sony in mind. However, it is also stated that The Last of Us Part 3 will also reach PS5. In addition, it is stated that the game could be launched in 2026 and that its budget depends on the success of The Last of Us HBO, which is currently transmitted in the USA and the United Kingdom. Related content-Complete Sony PS5 guide-Everything explained about PlayStation 5 for new owners in 2023 Today we reported that Troy Baker, who gives voice to Joel Miller in The Last of Us Games, would be ready to return in a new entrance, but did not know if he was on his way.

Naughty Dog has not announced anything yet, but Neil Luckmann has said he feels more stories to tell about the franchise. This is not the first time we listened to rumors about the production of The Last of Us Part 3. In December, the informant Viewer anon revealed that Naughty Dog was working in the sequel.


The Last of Us Part 3 has not yet been officially announced and, therefore, all of the above must be taken cautiously at the moment.