Returnal Disappoints: Why Some Sony PlayStation Games Flop - The Current Figures for the PC Version of Returnal Paint a Dismal Picture for Sony

Just recently released Sony the former PS5-exclusive Roguelike game Return for the computer. However, as the current numbers show, the porting does not swim on a wave of success. At the minute, the specific opposite holds true, the indications are instead on a huge flop. Can this be stemmed from a scary pattern for Sony?

Return shows up on the computer so terribly

As can be seen from the current statistics from, the computer variation of Return (acquire now EUR 59.20/ EUR 53.99) comes to a height of just 6691 energetic gamers at the very same time. This is not just frightening by itself, however also stands for the second-worst value of a PlayStation video game on the PC at the same time. All-time low of this category is still sack boy: a huge journey, in which just 610 users for the exact same Time romped.

are PlayStation games not asked on the PC?

The question for that reason develops whether the computer area may not be the best target market for the PlayStation games. Because the most up-to-date ports can not stand out with impressive numbers. Undiscovered: Legacy of Burglars Collection has an optimal of nearly 11,000 active gamers at the exact same time. That is more than Return, however the numbers do not really strike the stool either. Nonetheless, a basic rejection for porting PlayStation ready the computer can not be stemmed from this. There are enough positives as well as, most of all, far more successful counterexamples. God of War brought it to more than 73,000 active gamers at the exact same time, at Wonder's Spider-Man Remastered it was even more than 66,000.


The fairly poor performance of Return & Co. The PC version of The Last of the United States will be launched on March 28, 2023, at the latest after that the further fad will be emerging. Resource: To web page Share comments 48 in Twitter Share Post