Ghost Of Tsushima Director Leaves Series Production After Disappointing News

One of the video games that took the greatest benefit to PlayStation 4 was Ghost of Sushi, which faithfully reflects the feudal era of Japan at the same time to fulfill as an action delivery. And after its success a film was announced that is currently in production, but after the revelation there really has not been much news about it.

In a new interview, who is also director of John Wick and this film, Chad Stahelski, made it clear that to talk about the franchise film created by Sucker Punch first he should finish working with the fourth installment where Keanu Reeves is the protagonist. In addition, he mentions that there are still business issues behind the scene that must be resolved.


This was what he mentioned:

Ghost of Sushi would be my project to give continuity. Without going into crazy details, it is something that interests me a lot. We have a really great script. We have a perfect creative team behind him. It is simply to ensure all commercial aspect. Start everything and make sure we do the best with him. It is something simple: to get a great script and start putting together a cast. Only many moving parts are needed. All this means that we are not going to have anything about Ghost of Sushi until John Wick's fourth movie comes to light. Then there would be a considerable time for at least the revelation of a first trailer. For their part, films like Gran Tourism arrive this year to theaters. Via: Comic book Editor's note: It is good to know that he still has the film in his mind and that he is encouraged to work in it. However, it is sad that it is the last priority. We'll see what happens next.