Get to Know All the Bosses in Hi-Fi Rush: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Chai is a memorable and unique character in Hi-fi Rush, matched with his powerful companion cat, but so are the main villains of the game! Obviously crazy, self-absorbed and delusions, Hi-fi Rush chiefs are fascinating characters. One of the most prominent aspects of the game are the battles against bosses that occur at the end of each stage, each of which represents a different corporate division, and its levels are based on a particular musical style. Here we are going to take a closer look at all the bosses in Hi-fi Rush, listed along with their skills and some tips to defeat them. These bosses are listed in the order in which it faces them so that it can be prepared accordingly.

The Villains of Hi-fi Rush

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Qa-1ml, the first Hi-fi Rush head, is a discouraging opponent at the beginning with its four health bars.

The key to defeating this boss is to point to his weak points located in his giant hands. By attacking these weak points, you will make the four health bars suddenly look less impressive! The best time to attack is when Qa-1ml makes your attack from the ground, since your hands will be motionless for a short period. Then, use everything to maximize your damage, including combos and special attacks. In addition, you must pay attention to the QA-1ML cannon attack and stay away from red markers on the floor to dodge it. As you advance in battle, QA-1ml will also enter a special melee mode, which requires that you remain near your chest and attack the vulnerable nucleus. With patience and quick reflexes, you can defeat Qa-1ml and get victorious. Qa-1ml is a giant robot with cuts, blows on the ground and AOE attacks. The main weak point of QA-1Mil is his hands. The best time to attack is when he makes his attack on the ground.


Defeating Hakka in Hi-fi Rush can be a challenge, but it is possible with the right strategy and techniques. First, it is essential to avoid their telegraphic attacks. One of its initial attacks is a load movement that can stun the player and make nothing to do, so it is crucial to move around the edge of the sand. As you advance in battle, Hakka will also jump through the air and crash against the ground, creating an effect area that can stun the player. In addition, in the posterior stages, Hakka will use electricity and shields to protect yourself, so it is crucial to have Peppermint, your ally, to help you break the shield and help you with additional damage. Be careful with Hakka's cargo attack, as it will stun and deactivate it. In stage 2, use the magnets to remain in the air when Hakka blush electricity through the map. When Hakka activates a shield, call Peppermint to the battle to help you destroy it. In stage 3, observe Hakka's ability that creates mobile transport roads and avoiding them moving to the left and to the right. Avoid Hakka when your arms enlarge. They are only bad news.


Defeating Heinz is to dominate the art of stopping and alternating among the members of the Macaron and Peppermint team. Macaron, in particular, is a power since he is able to break a shield armor.

As you advance in battle, you will realize that the fight is divided into stages and rooms. Instead of something more typical, you will move from one room to another while facing waves of enemies. Defeat giant robots and/or navigate a lava soaked area, jumping and jumping to avoid lava explosions. Lava splashes will be highlighted in green circles. In addition, as you advance on the map, you will finally find enemies with shield skills, so alternate between invoking Macaron and Peppermint while stopping to break the shields. After that, you will face another wave of similar enemies that will require macaron to break armor and larger shields. In addition, once again, avoid the green circles so that it does not hit the lava. This linear road will lead to a scene cut with Heinz and he's putting together his last toy, which he cannot complete because you destroyed everything. With your determination and our guide as a partner, you can finish Heinz, win a USB unit on Spectra and realize that these villains are not all that they are supposed to be. Macaroon is a power that will be in charge of the Heinz shield You will face waves of enemies while moving from one room to another. In the second round, you must defeat PGR-0101 When navigating a lava soaked area, avoid green circles Finally, take out the lens to end Heinz forever.


Corsica is the least complicated fight of the whole game. He will learn quickly, and through the guided game, that he cannot stop all the attacks that Corsica throws him. This will be the beginning of more avalanches of Hi-fi in regard to the attacks impossible to stop. To summarize, use your dodge function to evade your attacks instead of stopping directly. One can evade with a controller using the bumper buttons. Prioritizing evading their attacks. Eventually, she will get tired, and you will win. Yes, it is that simple.

Mimosa is a greatly popular artist, and in your casual search for revenge, you will disguise yourself as a stage accessory to take it by surprise and start the final confrontation.

This battle of bosses takes place on the main stage, and there are some things you should know. Mimosa will wear her dress as a shield, and the only way to pierce it is with a stunning. When your shield is down it is the best time to try to do explosive. Reserve the characters of her label team for when she is vulnerable. Towards the last stages of this battle of bosses, Mimosa uses a special ability called Equalizer Wave, which invokes electricity rays on which you have to jump.


With this, two orbs will appear. Use your characters reserved to destroy the orbs while concentrating on jumping on electricity waves. Then, the fight returns to normal. Use stunning to make it vulnerable to damage. Intelligent use of allies Grant yourself to use your allies to destroy orbs instead as much as possible


Finally, the angry businessman constantly worried about the results of the corporation. His flagrant obsession with money and financial gain on the lives of others makes him feel great to end this boss. Last minute news, he is actually a giant mechanized werewolf. Use your movement to evade your sliding attacks, as well as your ability to hit the ground. Once you have done enough damage, Roquefort will be human again. Just persecute it and beat it. Not too complicated here. Immediately afterwards, Roquefort will take you to the second stage of the fight when it immerses you through a door similar to the vault of a bank. Same formula, try to stay in the air during the second part of the fight since it returns to its original form; When 25 percent health is left, he will flee again as a weak old man. This time, you will use barriers and obstacles to avoid your persecution. Simply stop the various robots at the right time to deactivate strength fields and other structures that block their path. For its final stage, you will fight Roquefort in a gold pile that is more or less the same strategy. However, a notable difference is that sometimes it is buried under gold. Keep moving along the edge when you do this, and will not land. Use the movement to evade your sliding attacks and your ability to hit the ground. It is almost identical in attack in its shape of werewolf at all stages. When 25% health has left, it becomes a weak old man and uses barriers and obstacles to avoid your persecution. Keep mobile in the final stage to avoid your surprise attacks from under gold.


Kale is the final boss and the main antagonist. He mentally controls Chai, and you play as your faithful fellow cat at the beginning of the fight, which is actually quite fun, if not brief. The best strategy is to hurry it immediately and make fast-time events attack it as quickly as possible; It is very simple. At this point, Chai will be under your control again, and you will begin to fight Kale. Lawndale everything you have, use the rhythm and make combos. The second stage is where things get interesting. The second stage will begin a battle similar to that of Corsica in which you predict your attack and stop it or dodge it accordingly. If you succeed in this, Kale will reveal her complete armor with several arms that stand out from her back. Once again, bombard it with everything you have, but try to stay on your back, so you can turn and look straight ahead. For Kale's third and last stage, he will invoke a new armor. This suit will have much proximity AOE attacks that uses around it. It is better to avoid diving extremely fast and, even if it is fast, prow them when possible. Towards the end of its last health bar, you will end the fight with a sequence more similar to that of Corsica.

  • Stay on him and make combos.
  • Stay at pace
  • Use special attacks and the help of your allies whenever possible.
  • If you can, stay on your back
  • In the final stage, it eliminates its AOE as bait. Hi-fi Rush presents a diverse set of bosses, each with a unique personality, subject and weaknesses. The creation of Chai by the corporation turns out to be its ruin, since Chai and its unlikely team defeat them one by one. The villains, ranging from the giant robot QA-1ml to the hilarious brutal Hakka, provide a satisfactory challenge for players to overcome them. If you find the game too easy or difficult, consider how difficulty modifiers affect the game. With the right strategy and techniques, players can succeed in very satisfactory fights. After completing the final villain in our all potholes in Rushsologous hi-fi you will want more. Related Posts
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