Get Ready For The PlayStation VR2: Here Are Over 100 Games To Check Out Before Launch!

The Virtual Truth Headset PlayStation VR2 will be launched in 2 weeks. Even in the launch period, more than 30 suitable games are readily available, especially Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Gran Tourism 7. Another game thrust is on the method. As Sony announced, more than 100 video games are currently being developed for PlayStation VR2, so that one or the other surprise might concern owners of the headset, which costs 599.99 euros.


PSVR2 does not offer down compatibility with the very first PSVR generation. Rather, existing games need to be clearly adjusted by the designers. Sony entered into the reasons as follows: The PSVR2 was developed to offer a next generation of the next generation with prolonged functions such as haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, inside-out tracking, seeing and more. Several developers announced that they would bring their PSVR games to the new headset. Mostly these are complimentary upgrades. Often customers are asked to pay again, as the case of Moss and Moss 2 programs. Sony likewise dedicated himself to whether there will be activity cards in the case of PSVR2: Yes, similar to games on the PS5 console, activity cards for PSVR2 video games can be supported, it states.

Sense controller can likewise be used without a headset, but...

The PSVR2 video games can be controlled with the new Sense controllers who have a contact acknowledgment. However, are they just suitable with VR games? Essentially, as Sony emphasizes. The Sense controllers can likewise be used without a headset, if only extremely simple: The PSVR2 scythe controller can be utilized with the PS5 console without a PSVR2 headset. The PSVR2 Sense controller can be used in the PS5 user interface and in media usage. The Sense controller might not be used for video games that are not supported by the PSVR2, as Sony adds. In addition, it is currently not readily available separately. Further information about PSVR2 can be found in a comprehensive FAQ on the PlayStation Blog site. Further, reports about PlayStation VR2: Gran Tourism 7 was developed in the back of the head with PlayStation VR2 from the start No reduction in the production quantity-Sony declaration on the Bloomberg report PlayStation VR2 will be introduced on February 22, 2023.

Pre-orders are possible for 599.99 euros. The pre-sale takes' location by means of PlayStation Direct. Further, reports on PlayStation VR2.


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