Get Ready For The Next Level Of Gaming: Sony's Ultimate FAQ To PlayStation VR2

The publication of PlayStation VR2 impends and one or the other gamer will go through some questions shortly prior to the launch. In order to largely answer this, a FAQ introduction was released on the official PlayStation Blog site, the information of which go deeper into information. The information is divided into various subject areas. This includes general questions about the VR headset, the new Sense controllers, the suitable games along with transmission and recording alternatives.


In addition to a comparison of the technical information from PlayStation VR and the successor PlayStation VR2, the add are talked about. This includes VR mode, which represents compatible games in the desired 360-degree VR view, and a cinema mode, as it was used in the first model. In the cinema mode, non-VR games and other content can be revealed on a large virtual screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The supplied cable television from PlayStation VR2 is 4.5 meters long and enables nearly totally free motion in the room. In VR video games in which gamers can really relocate the space, Sony advises a minimum video game area of 2 x 2 meters. With a simply sitting or standing playing style, a location of 1 x 1 meter suffices. The usable backyard can be specified using the cameras incorporated in the headset.

System updates and PlayStation symbols

A lot of the questions dealt with are devoted to popular information or those that were anticipated in this way. PlayStation VR2 is maintained to date with system updates. The headset can be adjusted to different head sizes and a modification of the lens range is also possible.

Possibly not the most crucial information, however a FAQ component: Yes, PlayStation VR2 will also have little PlayStation symbols on the surface. Known since in 2015: The Sense controller from PlayStation VR2 has a contact detection in addition to the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers: The PSVR2 scythe controller recognizes the approximate position of your fingers and thus enables more natural gestures with your hands while playing , Sony stated to this feature. Total FAQ introduction: All other details about PlayStation VR2, the games and Sense controllers are noted on the official PlayStation Blog. You may likewise be interested in PSVR2: Is a PC compatibility? Developers describe the advantage of missing downward compatibility PlayStation VR2 will be launched on February 22, 2023, and costs at least 599.99 euros with a pre-order. Far, the PS5 devices can just be bought via PlayStation Direct. More reports on PlayStation VR2.