Discover the New Xbox - Explore the Benefits of Xbox Over PlayStation

When PlayStation, constantly PlayStation? Even if numerous players in the Sony console have actually been loyal to the Sony console for several years, the departure of a single game series seems to be able to move a number of gamers to alter sides.

PlayStation gamers hang on Call of Duty

Although Xbox and PlayStation are similar in numerous aspects and likewise combat with nearly identical weapons when it comes to hardware, you still have the feeling that the console player is divided into 2 big camps: Xbox or PlayStation. Representatives of both camps are usually firmly encouraged that their console is clearly superior to the direct competitor and always keep Sony or Microsoft loyalty. According to a study by the British competitors' authority CMA, a substantial part of the PlayStation player Sony would have already offered the pass if the last game of the Call-of-Duty series you bought would not have been readily available on the PlayStation. In such a situation, 15 percent of the almost 1,400 respondents would instead reach another video gaming gadget. 16 percent would have remained loyal to the PlayStation, but would have also bought another video gaming gadget. From this group, 61 percent would have chosen the Xbox, 30 percent would have changed to the PC (source: CMA). Buy most affordable Existing gene console: Xbox Series S + Dead Area Remake at Amazon Xbox Series, or would you prefer PS5? Which console is your favorite? We have actually summarized your answers in the type of video: PS5 vs. Xbox Series: Who is at the front? Sign up for us on YouTube

poverty certificate for PlayStation: COD is more vital than special

What likewise emerges from the study: 88 percent of the gamers take the PlayStation due to the fact that one or more unique video games are offered on the PlayStation. Amongst this group, 73 percent state that the video games of the Call-of-Duty series are of particular significance for them-the special games of the PlayStation follow with 69 percent soon behind. For Sony this must be a blow to the stomach pit. The ongoing existence of the Cod series on the PlayStation is presently still unpredictable. Sony and Microsoft have been in their hair for some time. To put it simply: Ought to Microsoft actually take control of the takeover of Activision Blizzard and decide to no longer offer Call of Duty on the PlayStation, the Sony might be costly.


The Xbox Series is ahead of the PS5 in a couple of points: According to present info, however, Microsoft does not appear to be interested in banishing Call of Duty directly from the PlayStation. So Sony fans don't have to worry about it.