2023 Carnival Costumes: Get Ready to Play as Donkey Kong, Minecraft & Super Mario!

The carnival happens on February 16, 2023, and there are already numerous festivals around the fifth season. No matter whether you can throw yourself into a cladding or outfit and commemorate with like-minded people, depending upon the region of the carnival, Fast, Fassenacht or Carnival. You might get a few motivations through our post if you are still missing out on an outfit.


At Amazon there are a number of costumes around characters from the Nintendo universe. In addition, other costumes from other video gaming and entertainment areas are offered. You will get all of them in time prior to the 2023 carnival takes place.

costumes for Nintendo fans

Formally licensed costumes around Nintendo are offered at Amazon. Here you have the option between a number of known and popular Super Mario characters. Naturally, Mario himself. In addition, a premium outfit is offered for Donkey Kong at Amazon. It is an overall for the entire body. Donkey Kong Deluxe costume for EUR 99.95 Super Mario costume for EUR 74.95 Joshi costume for EUR 86.95 Legend of Zelda Link outfit for EUR 49.95 Bowler Deluxe outfit for EUR 99.95 Mario children's costume for EUR 56.95

Spider-Man, Minecraft & Buzz Light year

You have other widely known characters to pick from if you can't do anything with Nintendo. Among them, naturally, a superhero like Spider-Man and well-known Toy Story character like Buzz Light year. Minecraft Steve costume for kids for EUR 59.95 Minecraft Creeper outfit for children for EUR 69.95 Buzz Light year outfit for EUR 79.95 Spider-Man costume for EUR 49.95 Sonic the hedgehog outfit for children for EUR 34.90 Minecraft Alex costume for children for EUR 53.95 Some links constructed into this page are affiliate links. Depending on the provider, Gamer receives a small commission without an influence on the rate when purchasing on these links.

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