20 Years Later: Reviving the Vibrant Soundtrack of Nintendo's F-Zero Saga - Mute City

20 years have passed since the last F-Zero installment for a desktop console. In 2003, the lucky Game cube holders were lucky enough to enjoy F-Zero GO. Since then, we have not had news about a new installment for Nintendo Switch.

The first game, launched in 1990 for Super Nintendo, became one of the most beloved titles of the beast brain and one of the most famous in the time 16 bits. Produced by Shiner Miyamoto, F-Zero became famous thanks to its high-speed races and their vertiginous circuits.


From its launch to its last appearance on stage, the F-Zero formula has been imitated to satiety. Infinity of titles have tried to emulate their speed, the softness of movements and the design of their clues. This video game song entry puts the focus on F-Zero X, the delivery released in Nintendo 64. The chosen theme is that of Mute City, one of the most famous locations inside the saga. We hope you enjoy it.