Anno 1800 Update 17 Preview: Ubisoft Mainz Answers Questions About The Console Version

Ubisoft Mainz handles the news that is due for Anna 1800 in the coming weeks. The makers are currently working on Update 17, which is supposed to have extra bugged repairs and functions. Interested players can take part in a play test in mid-February to test both the stability and give feedback on the new functions. There are still some problems that we wish to settle, including the bugs you have reported, such as the anarchist missions, problems with music or with the target behavior of the Kill. This is prepared for the update mentioned, the developers write. In February there will be more details about the Jubilee Spot, then most likely also about the new features.

designers respond to concerns about the Console Edition

In addition, the developers enter into very first concerns about the Anna 1800 (now purchase EUR 39.95/ EUR 18.99) Console Edition, which will be launched on March 16 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/ S.


The console version permits multiplayer games with as much as 16 gamers; As much as four gamers can play with each other in co-op mode per team.

There are no cross play between PS5 and Xbox players. Cross-platform progress is possible. The designers continue: For the console version of Anna 1800, we chose to focus on the standard gaming experience of Anna 1800, which has actually already been provided in content for lots of hours, specifically because we will also include the totally free game updates that up until now for the PC version were released.

Which LCS stand for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

For the release in March, on the other hand, the first 9 Cosmetic LCS should be readily available for purchase for Anna 1800 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The extensions do not affect the gameplay, however have more liberty of style for your urban development. The Drachengarten DLC and other Cosmetic LCS are to be sent in the course of the year. According to the developers, the focus was primarily on the focus of the advancement of the Anna 1800 Console Edition, and also on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to enable a smooth gameplay. Mouse and keyboard are not supported on the consoles. For the PC version, the developers are presently planning not to integrate a controller control. Further questions about Anna 1800 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are to be addressed in a blog entry prepared for this week. To web page Share remarks 0 in Twitter Share Short Article


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