Supposed PS Plus games of December are leaked

Billbil-kun of Deal abs once again reveals the games that will arrive at PS4 and PS5 in early December as free downloads in the service of PS Plus Essential. Although Sony has not yet officially revealed the games, Leaker often hit the titles that are made available on the PlayStation consoles.

PS Plus: Free December Games

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition: The 3 special works of Bioware gathered in a quality remastered compilation. It is the perfect option for science fiction lovers and shooting games. The narrative leaves nothing to be desired, especially with the possibility of choosing dialogues.
  • Biomutant: The title of THQ Nordic is an open-world action RPG without pretensions and quite exotic if not unforgettable. Available just over a year ago, it is great to see such a recent game offered at PS Plus Essentials. You can set up your character and make choices that will dictate your way leading you to different destinations.
  • Divine Knockout: In DO, Hi-res publisher delivers a Smash os-Like in 3D arenas. The title has original characters in cartoonish animations that guarantee a light but fun experience.

There are still a few days to download the November

Judging by releases of previous months, the PlayStation Plus Essentials games of November will be available until December 6 or 7, after the three games listed above will be available and will no longer be possible to download the games of November.


So you have just over a week to put Nigh 2 in your liary, as well as the compilation of Lego Harry Potter games that should allow you to have fun until the release of Hogwarts Legacy next year. Finally, Heavenly Bodies should ing his quota of emotions to fans of characters based on characters, with their concept somewhat particular.


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