Sony assigned employees to help at The Callisto Protocol

We are a few days after the official departure of The Callisto Protocol, a project in which terror will predominate thanks to the direction of the Dead Space franchise. And with this, little by little more details of development are emerging, revealing that Sony supported the project to move forward with some employees of their own workforce.

It is not much surprise that this kind of thing is happening, since some creators usually help more independent projects, especially with visual arts and little else themes. What attracts attention here is the number of people who participated, since approximately 150 appear in the final credits, many collaborators.

It is also important to note that PlayStation has the marketing rights of the game, and it is rare that they did not take advantage of this title an exclusive of their house consoles. At the end of the day all this can be due to contract issues, since from the beginning it was promised that all kinds of users could play it in their departure day.

In news related to The Callisto Protocol. It was confirmed that the first hours of the video game have already been leaked online, with full footage captured from the video game in its final stage. If you want to know the most effective ways to avoid spoilers, we invite you to click on the following link.


Via: Push square

Editor's note: It is very suspicious that Sony's people are involved, and the most striking is the revelation until a long time later. We still are that the final result is worth it.


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