Rogon is suing the DFB and gets a lawsuit

The player advisory agency Logon and the DFB will meet again in front of the Federal Court of Justice in February.

The conflict in between gamers and associations will likewise utilize the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe. The BGH confirmed on February 28, 2023 as a settlement date in Logon against the German Football Association. The consulting firm from Frankenstein had taken legal action against the regulator guidelines introduced in 2015 prior to the Frankfurt/Main district court. Both the LG and the Higher Regional Court had offered the DFB right in essential points.

a procedure as part of a larger argument

In its judgment of November 30, 2021, the OLD confirmed central elements: For example, the necessary statement of the commissions, the restriction of fees for the mediation of small, and the advisor of the expert in the transfer of the advisory agent and the registration agents should Among other things, transferred at the DFB an extended police certificate of good conduct. The company of Roger Pittman, who represents stars such as Roberto Firming, Marcel Sanitizer or Julian Dealer, was just observed when it comes to submission to the association jurisdiction. This one procedure between DFB and Logon is embedded in a larger complex, a larger argument between intermediaries and associations. FIFA is currently attempting to recuperate the unleashed market again with a questionable reform of the intermediary. The representative does not truly taste that the World Football Association utilizes upper limitations for the commissions.

Do the intermediaries complain against FIFA?

In October, different experts fulfilled at the invite of the German Football Association DFVV in Munich and talked about a lawsuit against FIFA reform. The DFVV recently revealed itself as the Swiss Association The Football Online Forum (TFF), an agent association that acts versus FIFA reform. Logon employer Pittman, who has made a name for himself on the nontransparent Brazilian talent market, is likewise on the TFF board. The BGH visit might also provide info on how effectively a suit in the billion-dollar football brokerage can be versus the brand-new efforts of the World Association. According to reports, there was a discussion about the financing of one at the conference of the representatives in Munich.

The clubs contribute to bypass

Throughout the Corona pandemic, club and association authorities had vibrant against specialists and their high commissions.


However, the fact also consists of: the clubs have only enjoyed having circumvention stalls in the race for the stars for years. For example, the in fact forbidden additional participation of representatives to transfers through so-called special required in practice has actually long been everyday life, as the, utilizing the example of the Frankfurt Europa League winner Rafael Bore, unveiled in August.