Retrospective PlayStation 2022: Learn Your Most Played Games, Hours Playing, And More

PS4 and PS5 players can check out a lot of information on how their year was on the console, including how many hours played in all and what was the most enjoyed game, and how many titles they ventured into 2022. It is a retrospective and All with a PSN account can enjoy.


What is the retrospective of 2022?

PlayStation or Wrap UP retrospective allows you to check out various information that relates to your performance on PS4 and PS5 consoles during the year 2022. Check below the data you have access to: Hours of gambling Hours of gambling on each console How many games you played How many hours played online What was the most played game How many days did you play How many trophies got How many games did you buy How many PS Plus games you downloaded In addition to having an overview, you can also have more detailed statistics to better understand how your 2022 took advantage of PlayStation games.

The data will refer to January 1 until December 31 and players who participate in the project may rescue unpublished awards and even share them. Also, of course you can share your retrospective with other players.

How to access the PlayStation retrospective

  • Only users who agreed to share data with Sony can participate
  • You must be over 18 to be inside the project
  • Each data of the retrospective will have a conceptual image, based on the games you played the most

How to rescue awards from Retrospective PlayStation

  • Access the Retrospective link
  • Click on all sections
  • You will receive a voucher code to redeem an avatar
  • The rescued avatar will have connection with its achievements
  • In all there are 6 avatars
  • You can share the code with friends
  • It is possible to redeem the 6 avatars if you have the codes


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