Resident Evil 8 VR Mode Revealed: All You Need To Know About The PlayStation Exclusive

Through a new entry in the official PlayStation blog, Cap com and Sony have just confirmed the virtual reality mode for Resident Evil Village. The game will be updated with this option on February 22, 2023, or what is the same, coinciding with the launch of PS VR2. In addition, it is confirmed that it will be completely free for those who already had the game, both in its standard version and in the recent Gold Edition (which also includes the Shadow of Rose expansion). The blog also detailed the performance of Resident Evil Village in VR: resolution 4K, HDR, 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, eye monitoring, 110 degree fields of vision, 3D audio, haptic vibration through the new controls. . And so on.

To recharge we will have to make the same gesture in real life, with the attacks with the same knife and, surprise, thanks to this mode we can sustain a weapon in each hand. It is a truly captivating experience that places us fully in the twisted world in which Ethan Winters fights, reads the article. We hope you challenge yourself with it, the experience of terror and definitive survival.

The price of PS VR 2

Although the DLC is free, for the glses it will play pull portfolio. Well, portfolio or talonario. PlayStation VR 2 does not go with contemplation sat its price and will be releed on February 22 to 599.99 euros. In addition to the Virtual Reality of Resident Evil Village mode, the launch will be held with about twenty games (of which we have also reviewed its initial prices).


And will be headed with Horizon: Call of the Mountain flagship. We better save this Christm or have been very, good to the eyes of the Magi.


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