Nintendo revela qué será su próximo juego con doblaje al español

Today Nintendo fans in Latin America have received a special message from the company, since the location of a video game in dubbing and text to Latin Spanish has been confirmed. This through brand spokesmen who participated in a special video commemorating that there is already a greater presence in this region. A review was made for everything that was lived this year, as large releases where Mario Strikers stand out: Battle League, Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Enfilade Chronicles 3, Platoon 3 and many more games. And it was stressed that the game that will feature Latin Spanish dubbing is neither more nor less than The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is worth mentioning, which may sound a bit strange that this news is being given, since the predecessors of this Zelda timeline also have said dubbing. And yes, we are expressing it in plural, because both Breath of the Wild and Rule Warriors: Age of Calamity have the voices totally folded to our language.


Remember that the newest game of the franchise is launched on May 12 for Nintendo Switch. Via: Nintendo Editor's note: It was good for the location to be confirmed, but it would have been considered more important to talk about giving delivery to deliveries as Pokémon, because today we continue to read it in Spanish. Also, there is little talk that Kirby had Latin dubbing this year.