New Battlefield and Long-Term Rebuilding! Meeting with the development team 7 core theorem.

On December 13 (Tuesday), Him Neuron, a developer of Eternal Return, broadcasted 'Meeting with the Development Team'.

The broadcast was about 6 hours, and the game caster 'Kim Jong-il' and 'Erie 1' of the development team participated.

The meeting with the development team was focused on what happened in the Eternal Return Season 7, why these problems occurred, and how to solve them in the future. In addition, we can see the new feature 'Battlefield', which will be added in Season 8, and the new experimental body/skin that will be added in the future.

▶ Meeting with Eternal Return Development Team 7 Replay

▣ Problems and improvements of Season 7

Erie 1 summarized the problems of Season 7 in five main categories. In particular, the first route and the reorganization of the stimulus said that the response was not good enough to meet with the emergency development team. Later, in Season 7, the following improvement was announced as a way to resolve the monotonous game flow.

○ Additional arrangement of objects

Population overcrowding is one of the reasons for causing various problems in the return of the Eternal, and recently, the population overcrowding problem is intensified at the time of the object. In order to solve this problem, an additional object that appears in the car 1-2 days will be placed, and an option other than an object will be added.

○ Legend-Hero gap reduction

In Season 7, the legendary item was valuable. It was hard to overcome the gap even with the two legendary differences. For this reason, it was forced to cling to the objects needed for legend production, and naturally led to the overcrowding problem by objects. Therefore, from the next preseason, it will reduce the effects of legendary equipment and reduce the gap between legends and heroes by raising the effect of hero equipment.

○ Wildlife credit

In the past, the credit was only available to obtain the credits, but it was not so easy to find the variant. But from Season 8, all of them will be able to get credits from wild animals. As a result, instead of giving up objects, you can add an option to focus on wildlife hunting and use the transmission console quickly.

○ Wolf Geisha returned?

In the early days of the Eternal Return, there was a controversy over the 'return without risk' because you can get special ingredients from the wolf. Later, I modified the special ingredients from the wolf, but the expectation and fun were less likely to hold the wolf and not rooting. So I will modify the special materials from the wolf again.

Of course, the probability of special materials will be lower than before, as much as you can get lucky to hunt wolves.


In addition, it will not appear in the first wolf so that the ecosystem is not destroyed, but will only appear at a certain level.

○ Legendary decomposition function

If you focus on a certain time, you will add a legendary equipment decomposition function that can disassemble the legendary equipment and obtain credits. The amount of credit acquired when disassembled is not yet confirmed, but even if you obtain a legendary equipment you don't need, you can add a way to use it differently.

○ Delete the transmission console atmosphere

As there are more ways to acquire credits, we will modify them to make more use of transmission console. First, the transmission time of the transmission console will be lowered to 2 seconds, and the reuse time will be reduced to 50 seconds in solo mode. However, the amount of credit required for special material transmission increases, and in the case of duo/squad mode, the reuse time remains at 80 seconds.

○ A more diverse build

We are preparing a way to create more builds than now. First, the recovery of food will not be affected by the effect of reducing the healing, making it one of the options, not essential.

In addition, foods made using special ingredients will be changed to legendary rating and a permanent buff effect will be added. The buff effect is not dramatic, but the remaining special materials can be added to be a little stronger.

○ Improvement of escape

In many ways, the evacuation 'escape' will be made into one of the clear end plans. First, if you want to use the escape, the probability of dropping bracelets will increase. However, when the first user who acquired the rootkit appears, a notification is produced, and it cannot be escaped for 30 seconds.

In addition, even in solo mode, only one can escape even if two people arrive at the marina. Users who succeed in escaping are also likely to secure at least 1 kill. In addition, the score of the escape itself rises slightly, so the escape can become one of the strategies.

▣ Season 8 New Feature'Clean Field' The battlefield is a new feature added to Season 8. On the 1st and 2nd night, you can check the battlefield site, and the battlefield begins at night. The battlefield is held twice on the 2nd and 3rd day of the day, and the user who won the second day will not participate in the 3rd battlefield.

The battlefield is divided into a battlefield of acceleration/wide/protection according to the marked mark, and can be fought with an additional buff depending on the type. You can check in advance what the battlefield will be through the scheduled area, so it's a good idea to choose which battlefield.

In the battlefield, the nerve runaway gauge is activated, and when the gauge becomes zero, it dies immediately. Nerve runaway gauge can attack the shuttle in the battlefield and eat euro stabilizers or kill enemy experiments. That's why you can't avoid battle in the battlefield.

If you die in the battlefield, it can be resurrected outside the battlefield and solo mode is also resurrected. However, after the start of the battlefield, it cannot be left out of the battlefield or entered outside. If you try this, you will die immediately, and you will not be able to resurrect.

You can get points depending on the number of experiments participating in the battlefield when you win on the battlefield, and you can exchange the transcendental decoration or special materials with that point. If the battlefield has begun, if you are alone in the battlefield, you can get a reward. Of course, only the battlefield participants are only themselves, so there are few points that can be obtained.

In the case of transcendental decoration, instead of active skills, stats are lower than legendary decoration, so you need to choose according to the situation. In addition, the transcendental decoration is created only one by one, and the decoration selected by the second day cannot be obtained in the 3rd day, and it is impossible to root in the body unless the compensation recipient is thrown to the floor.

Along with the addition of the battlefield, the function of moving to the team's side will be added. This allows you to join quickly before entering the battlefield, and you can quickly join your team members to play stable. In addition, in the case of the Hyperloop used during the resurrection, the number of survivors by region is displayed, so the risk of meeting the enemy will be reduced as soon as it is resurrected.

The battlefield overlaps with Alpha and Omega's timing, so it is necessary to worry about which one should choose. In addition, the winner of the battlefield on the second day will not participate in the 3rd battlefield, and the escape will be improved in Season 8, so various options will be given in the second to three days.

○ 1-minute guide video

▣ Long-term rebuilding IRI 1 said in the previous season 7 that the problem facing will be solved for the season 8. The rest of the problems are difficult to solve in a short time, so it is planning to carry out long-term rebuilding by July 23, which is scheduled to open.

The reason for the long-term rebuilding is that there are so many elements of the game called Eternal Return, which has become an unbalanced game like illegal buildings. In the end, it is necessary to systematically coordinate the various systems of the game. As a result, Season 9 is expected to be a season to rebuild the existing system instead of reducing the size of the patch.

We plan to invest a lot of time to improve tutorials for beginners/return users. In October, I realized that the FGT (FOCUS Group Test) of 40 novice players was difficult to adapt to the game just by providing information within the game.

In addition, even if every user is blocked, it was difficult to survive in the game unless it was a friend, a streamer, and separate information. Therefore, the tutorial reorganization for beginners/return users will be reorganized, and the company plans to improve one by one with 100 beginner improvement projects.

The biggest reason for long-term rebuilding is that technical optimization is required. In particular, the white color in the image below was the first elements that I didn't even think about when designing the game, and the yellow part was designed in the past, but it was modified over time.

In addition, when adding new elements, it was often different from the design direction that I thought in many ways because I proceeded in the direction of updating even a little quickly rather than trimming the design. Therefore, the company plans to reinstall the current system, including the battlefield that will be added to Season 8.

▣ New experiments and skin ○ Season 8 ER Pass Skin

○ Season 8 new additional experiments

○ Season 8 new skin

○ Season 9 new skin

※ A total of 15 kinds of skins will be added, including the 6 kinds released below, and all skins will be paid as an event.


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