More PlayStation Plus Games: What You Need To Know

In September 2017, Sony announced that they would be adding more PlayStation Plus games to their subscription service. These are games that have been available on the PS Plus Extra list in the past, but have now been bumped up to a part of the regular PS Plus subscription lists.

Abe returns in this follow up to the original Odd world, an introduction of this classic PS1 video game said. Abe's tranquil retirement is shattered when gone to by a vision from the Moon Spirit Guides, finding out that the Magog Cartel is mining Serum, the spiritual Moon city of the dead, to collect bones to make a super-addictive Sculptor Brew. This version has been enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom-made video filters.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers got word this week of more timeless video games being contributed to the subscription service. Revealed on Wednesday together with the expose of some other more contemporary PlayStation Plus video games that would be included to the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers, these classic video games now joining the PS Plus brochure include ones from the PSP as well as some for the PS1 and PS3, too.

Considered that Odd world: Abe's Exodus was launched for the PS1, that makes it the most timeless of all the timeless games, though due to the fact that it's an Odd world title, it's also one that people may have already been familiar with. Regardless, PlayStation shared overviews of that game and others in its statement about this month's PS Plus additions to hint gamers in on what it's all about.

If you're still searching for more to play after that, PlayStation also recently revealed what the very best classic game in the subscription service has actually been throughout the whole year. It's a Toy Story game that was very first launched for the PS1, went by a number of titles including Toy Story 2: Buzz Light year to the Rescue, and is one that many long time PlayStation players most likely have fond memories of.


The four games in question are Ridge Racer 2, Heavenly Sword, Odd world: Abe's Exodus, and Pinball Heroes. Both Ridge Racer 2 and Pinball Heroes originate from the PSP period, Odd world: Abe's Exodus was on the PS1, and Heavenly Sword was on the PS3.

Just days ago, PlayStation revealed that it'd be adding 18 more video games to the PS Plus subscription service for Extra and Premium customers to play. Those don't consist of the 4 video games pointed out above, so if you're a Premium customer, you'll have plenty to play this month.


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