Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.05: Complete update notes

If you are a fan of the popular action-adventure game, Ghost of Sushi, then you won't want to miss this update! Update 1.05 is here, and it brings a slew of new features and content to the game. Read on to find out complete notes on this update and what it offers.

Whether you have begun your trip to become the toast of Sushi or that you have not yet got involved in Jin's feudal combat against the Mongolian invasion, you will discover that the designer Sucker Punch Productions continues to enhance his success. July 27, 2020, Sushi ghost S Spot 1.05 will include lifestyle enhancements, availability adjustments and game choices, welcome. There will be some corrections of small bugs, but the most significant addition is unquestionably the 2 trouble alternatives that are added. The new deadly problem will check even the capabilities of the most robust samurai, and the lower strength mode must make the video game more accessible.


Speak with the notes in their whole here:

New difficulty choices

Mortal problem

  • Opponent weapons are more fatal, however Jin's Katina is also more fatal
  • Opponents are more aggressive in fight
  • Opponents discover you much faster
  • Tighter parade and dodge windows

Lower intensity mode

  • Many enemy attacks which are normally non-blockable ended up being lockable
  • Significance: Maintaining L1 will obstruct practically all attacks
  • Opponents disrupt their combinations of attacks after having actually hurt you
  • This will provide gamers an opportunity to recuperate in between attacks.
  • Brutes attack combos can be interrupted by providing a heavy attack yourself
  • Opponents will not attack as long as you utilize the resolution to heal
  • Opponent awareness is developed more slowly, giving you more time to recover after being identified You can trigger the lower strength mode in the availability options menu.

Text changes

  • Great text option
  • Boosts the size of the text of the subtitles, mission goals and interaction triggers by 150% when activated When the subtitles are triggered, Including a choice to deactivate the speaker name
  • New colored options of the subtitles in addition to the white Sushi ghost was a success on many fronts, however it is great to see a designer continue to enhance his game, particularly to make it more accessible. You will no longer need to tire your eyes to check out all the subtitles during this powerful voice-over in Japanese!


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