Games of the year 2022 17th location Gran Turismo 7

The king of racing simulations on the PlayStation now influences with over 450 lorries and driving physics that are 2nd to none. In specific, the haptic feedback from the dual-sensense controller comes into its own and also makes players happy without a steering wheel setup.

The look of vehicles and the different environments is impressive-but might probably be a bit much better if the video game had actually been established specifically for the PlayStation 5.

Even in this method, thanks to numerous tuning alternatives and the route favorites such as Trial Mountain and Deep Forest, the speed of razor beats higher with every pressure on the accelerator pedal: at 320 km/h in the speedometer to watch the sun opens after a rain shower And dry parts of the route while combating for positioning, even after more than 100 hours, does not lose a bit of its fascination.

The somewhat Drove profession, the still often doubtful intelligence of computer-controlled drivers and missing quality-of-life functions push the rating, and the multiplayer mode is not yet where it ought to in fact go.


Crude service, an underground lobby and no other way to establish your own season for online friends are absolutely not up to date. Nevertheless, the designers delay one upgrade after the other, so possibly not just other lorries and paths will be added in the future, however also a fun multiplayer that likewise deserves his name. Presently, the PS enjoyable needs to be satisfied with a good, but not outstanding location in our 2022 video game enjoyable World Cup.


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