From Nintendo to PlayStation: What is the best video game console in 2022?

Want to enter the universe of video game consoles but don't know which machine to choose? Don't worry, it's completely normal to get lost and not know how to make the best choice. With that in mind, MGG prepared a guide that lists the main advantages of Nintendo Switch OLED's PlayStation and Xbox's top 3 game consoles in 2022.


Check it out and find out what is the ideal video game console for you!

Nintendo Switch OLED

MGG highlights Nintendo Switch OLED for the innovations the console has gained from the standard version of Nintendo Switch, while both models have a practically similar price.

The highlight of the model is in its own name: the 7-inch OLED screen. The technology, superior to the LCD screen of the standard version of Nintendo Switch promotes images with clearer and more viant colors that make the visual experience richer and realistic. The 64 GB storage is also a highlight in the portable video game technical file: it is the largest storage ever seen in a Nintendo console.

While Nintendo consoles can be behind in performance and hardware when compared to Sony and Microsoft competitors, their iconic exclusive games catalog certainly pays off. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart and various Pokémon titles run exclusively on the Japanese and consoles.

In addition to the game liary, the possibility of playing from anywhere with a Nintendo console is a relevant point to consider. Of the most popular video games on the market, all 3 Nintendo Switch models, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch Oneida Nintendo stand out like the only ones that offer portability. Thus, it is possible to take your favorite games to a car trip, the class eak and any other environment.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is Sony's state-of-the-art console and the manufacturer's flagship. The rival of the acclaimed Xbox Series X stands out, especially, because it is a powerful, ultra-rare console and the dual control that presented innovative resources from competitors. With an 825 GB ultra maximized SSD, the PlayStation 5 play the games with unheard of timely loading time, practically instant.

One of the exponents of the experience of playing with a PS5 is the ability to immersed and realism that advanced console technologies provide. 3D audio technology, Tempest Engine, raises the sound experience of games to another level and gets even better when allied the responsive viations of Danseuse control. With tactile response, the accessory reacts according to the actions of the game, which promotes the sensation and that the player was transported to the game universe. In addition, the visual experience is not behind us, the PlayStation 5 supports HDR+, which gives the screen images with more viant and better contrast. It is also possible to enjoy 4K quality improved graphics on a TV compatible with the definition.

The PS5 Game Liary has exclusive games and still has the backward factor: all games that run on predecessor, PlayStation 4, are run on PS5.

console Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is Microsoft's most powerful console and competes directly with the PlayStation 5 in the video game market. PS5 prominent features also appear on state-of-the-art Xbox, such as 3D space sound technology, high-performance console performance and backwards with games made for previous generations of Xbox.

Xbox Series X gives way to a much more immersive gaming experience than its predecessors. 3D space sound technology allows the player to always be at one step ahead of his enemies and creates realistic worlds that put the gamer at the center of the experience. This concern for immersing the gamer in the game is improved with 4K realism, which offers up to 120 fps rates with HDR visual pop, as well as support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos games that promote a complete dive into the universe of match.

But the great advantage of having an Xbox Series X is its power, a factor that most differentiates the X-other Xbox Series S series. The super silent console has a 1 TB NVMe SSD, a processor that exceeds the PlayStation 5 in performance, and It makes the video game more powerful of all time. The Series X processor ensures that the loading and alternation time between securities is tiny, and enables the games at 4K to 120 fps.