Dual Universe: Update 1.2 brings new planets, asteroids, balancing

Dual Universe is an immersive, massively multiplayer online game of exploration and survival in a sci-fi universe. You can travel across the universe in creative freedom and create (almost) anything you want. This update adds new features that allow players to explore the galaxy like never before, including the introduction of Planet 2, asteroid mining and crafting, balancing adjustments to weapons and tech trees, plus much more.

After a couple of years in Alpha as well as Beta, dual Universe commemorated its main launch last September 2021. Designers Nova quark was made a decision to reduce the scope of the solar system in which our personalities are situated. In this way, the player in the SCIFI MMO wanted to keep closer with each other as well as stop the private planets from being vacant as well as deserted. Already at the launch, the developers have confirmed that it will certainly not take long before the missing planets slowly find their method to the live servers. As well as that is exactly what takes place in Update 1.2 The spot not just brought Alemán right into play including its 3 moons, but likewise a big amount of stabilizing modifications.

double cosmos update 1.2.

The biggest web content of the patch is certainly the new Planet Tacoma as well as its three moons However there are a few more brand-new features. Tacoma as a new earth - Consisting of 3 moons. New missions around Tacoma Tactical card - Never 3D representation mode for radar and shooters Ship wreckage are currently shown on the system card New Spawn system for planets These no more generate at fixed times as well as have a various life expectancy 2 new alien cores have been released There are likewise some harmonizing adjustments as well as numerous insect solutions. One of the most crucial must be that even more asteroids are now generate and also there will certainly be much more shipwrecks. There is additionally a brand-new area gas with Person X5. In comparison to X1-X4, you do not need a T2 product for it, however each 90 T1 products. Recommended editorial inhale now you will locate exterior content from [system] To shield your individual information, external assimilation is only shown if you confirm this by clicking on Lots all exterior lots: All external web content will certainly concur that exterior content is shown. This suggests that personal information is transmitted to third-party systems. Check out much more concerning our personal privacy policy. Exterior content more concerning this in our data defense statement. Right here you will locate the entire spot notes for upgrade 1.2 in Dual World:

Release 1.2.0

New functions

A New Tactical Map is Available in Gunner Seat & in Widget Radar. This tactical map re-uses the system map aesthetic technology to gives a tactical display screen of surrounding constructs spotted by your active radar. You can drag the Computer mouse to Rotate The Map, and Zoom in/Out. You can interact (best click) with shown construct marks (Identify & Engage the Target as an example). The Map Uses Simplified Construct Icons. - The Forming denotes the Kind of Construct, Static/Space/Alien Constructs Are Represented As a Ruby, Dynamic Constructs Are Represented As a Triangle. - Color of the Central Shape Indicates The Hazard Degree of the Construct. Orange shows that you were identified by this construct, blinking red indicates you are under fire from this construct. - A social indicator shows up around the shape, the shade lepers on the kind of social web link between the construct proprietor and you. Eco-friendly are your own constructs, Blue Are Constructs With A Company Partnership, Pink Are Constructs With A Matching Transponder. Matching Transponder's Now Act as a Social Comments in In world Marks & in the Tactical Map. The symbols under the Target plane of the System Map (& Tactical Map) Are now Occluded by that Target airplane. Room Wreckage are currently relayed on the system map. The Collaborates Provided are Approximate and also a radar will certainly be demand to focus in on the specific placement of the Accident. New World: Alemán A new version of Alemán Returns as an icy globe spoiled with old lava flows that still radiance red with Warmth from the world beneath. New Earth and 3 Moons. Included Alemán and Its Moons to the Lua Atlas. 6 New Markets as well as A New Goal Construct. 20 New Aphelia Hauling Missions, On, From and also to Alemán.

  • New Ore Pools:
  • - Resources Available on Alemán: Coal, Hematite, Quartz, Natron, Garnering, Kolbeckite.
  • - Resources Available on Alemán Moon 2: Heathen, Quartz, Bauxite, Limestone, Pyrite, Cryolite.
  • - Resources Available on Alemán Moon 3: Coal, Hematite, Bauxite, Malachite, Apatite, Gold Nuggets.
  • - Resources Available on Alemán Moon 1: Coal, Quartz, Bauxite, Chromite, Garnering, Cobalt ite. New Spawn System for Asteroids

  • There is no longer an international cycle for asteroids. Now, each planet spawns and also has its very own lifetime.

  • The found category is g1. The release day of a planet is now unrevealed, except for gamers that have actually discovered the asteroid (including not only the very first one to find the asteroid, however likewise all individuals who land on the planet).
  • The broadcast group continues to be with asteroids still being transmitted X mins after first being uncovered. The distinction currently is that just individuals that discovered the planet will know that the planet is uncovered and that the planet will be relayed at a stated date.
  • The rarity of a planet is recognized only if the planet is transmitted, or for its discoverers.

Two unusual cores have actually shown up

  • Alien core Alpha- About positioned in between Team (290SU) as well as Alemán (286SU) and 420SU from Alioth.
  • - Relic Plasma Duo-2 per cycle.
  • - Relic Plasma Quattuor-1 per cycle.
  • - Ilmenite-100L base per cycle.
  • - Rhodonite-100L base per cycle.
  • Alien core Gamma- Roughly positioned in between Alemán (265SU) and also Ago (265SU) and also 430SU from Alioth.
  • - Antique Plasma Sex-1 per cycle.
  • - Antique Plasma Octo-2 per cycle.
  • - Columbite-100L base per cycle.
  • - Vanadinite-100L base per cycle.


Asteroids balancing modifications

  • An added 50 t1 asteroids will generate over the very same time period.
  • A greater percentage of all t1 asteroids will certainly spawn in risk-free zones rather than PVP areas.

Area Accidents balancing adjustments

Added a new room fuel: Person X5.

Philipp Settler

  • [Aspect Relocate Tool] Fixed component sneak peek display problems.
  • [Pet dog] Fixed animal coming back after being dismissed.
  • Repaired a problem where the link line goes to Alioth's North Post if no component or construct is Lancaster.
  • Dealt with an insect that prevented selecting up dispensers.
  • [UI] Take care of screen of mistake thing when setting construct or region RDMS civil liberties.
  • [Styles] Recovered missing out on styles (i.e. trees as well as bushes), consisting of charlatans (i.e. trees and hedges seen at a distance).
  • [Lua] When deploying a previously accumulated control system, fixed Lua manuscript not loaded correctly.



  • [Lua] The market getting feature area, schematicsRemaining, does not return a value until you request a procurement from the schematic bank. With the new tactical map, there are some inconsistencies in the Gunnery Tutorial. The tutorial still functions, yet the steps that describe the periscope (currently changed by the tactical map) are out of date.
  • We know a concern that sometimes leads to a desynchronization creating ships to appear in areas they are not intended to be in, or all of a sudden vanish from their existing place. Triggering players to sometimes have their ship appear to have relocated away from them. Added tooling to check out the concern has been included in this version in order to help us in recognizing the problem. On the occasion that it must take place to you, please send a support ticket with the exact time and day of the event, including the name and also owner of the construct as well as a client log file of the session where the event occurred.

Readjusted the value of the Aileron Parts objective from 180,000 reward down to 160,000 incentive.


  • An added 70 wrecks will certainly generate over the very same amount of time, spread out throughout rate 1 to 4 wrecks.
  • The existing wreckage have actually been relabelled Unknown Accident, the next ones that spawn will have an arbitrary name.

  • Updated intro motion picture to include our new logo. When the login UI presents the 2FA field, Focus 2FA field.


  • Changed context food selection design to make sure that hovering over a line doesn't change the line typeface weight which could lead to the line width altering. This will certainly enhance some situations, for specific resolutions, in which the sub food selection would certainly switch over sides, making the action inaccessible.
  • Sliders in settings now have their tag worth upgraded also when not launching the computer mouse. When releasing the computer mouse, the setup is still conserved only.
  • Marks now use localized SU tags. (to straighten with the UI label utilized).
  • [Character panel] Conserve change button and also terminate change button are currently readily available just if a modification has taken place.
  • Market summary No result for this search display screen is now appropriately hidden in many cases.
  • [Lua] Added maxStaticAltitude to the Lua Atlas.
  • Claiming a region currently quits all extracting devices on it.
  • [UI] Added Pets icon in the Novena Review Panel tab.

  • There is no longer a worldwide cycle for planets. Currently, each planet spawns and has its very own lifetime. Take care of display of error product when setting construct or area RDMS rights. With the brand-new tactical map, there are some inconsistencies in the Gunnery Tutorial. We are conscious of a concern that occasionally results in a desynchronization creating ships to show up in locations they are not expected to be in, or instantly disappear from their current area.

Zur Stalemate

  • The crafting recipe for this fuel contains rate 1 materials.
  • \ -90 Pure Silicon
  • \ -90 Pure Carbon
  • \ -90 Pure Iron
  • \ -90 Pure Aluminum
  • \ -45 Oxygen
  • \ -45 Hydrogen