5 Reasons Why The Joker Film Is Already Successful

Director Todd Phillips shared the first photo of the upcoming DC film Joker: Foil á DEU. This is the first look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, who'll be wearing a punk-inspired outfit complete with clownish makeup and green hair. The photo also features actor Robert De Niro as his father.

Joker was one of the huge surprises in the movie theater year 2019. It was clear from the start that the Protests Clown is by far the most popular opponent Batman.


The staging that can almost be associated to the art house, in addition to the lack of a superhero promised for this courageous project. Eventually, Joker broke the magical brand name of $1 billion in concern and the very first movie with an R rating ever. As part of the 2020 Oscar ceremony, the film was chosen by director Todd Philipp's incredible 11 times. At the end of the award event, Joaquín Phoenix had the ability to eagerly anticipate the award of the Academy to the best main star.

JOKER 2: A musical with Girl Gaga as Harley Quinn

This message triggered a bright excitement: In contrast to the DC Ducked Universe, in which Margot Robbie functions as a joker play in Harley Quinn, none of Joker's alternative Batman universe is none besides world star Stefan Terracotta, better called Woman Gaga, the iconic role take over. In addition, the sequel with the sweet-sounding title Joker: film á DEU is a genuine musical. Due to the enormous success of part 1, this decision needs to be struck by the mainstream audience. But filmmaker Todd Philippe appears to be going to do his daring movie task.

JOKER 2: First official picture on Instagram appeared

Entirely unimpressed by the DC Cancelsturm and the quarrels for the brand-new Superman film with ex-Witcher Henry Cavill, which was long for fans, apparently the shooting of the continuation of Joker.

Appropriately, filmmaker Todd Philippe published the first authorities photo of Joker 2 on Instagram. It is likely to chase a cozy shower over the back of all fans of the very first part. Oscar winner Joaquín Phoenix is revealed as Arthur Fleck, as is shaved by an apparently male individual. The clothing suggests a guard of the infamous Arkham Asylum. Psychiatry houses all extremely villains and opponents in the Lore of the Batman universe who are not at big. According to rumors, a large part of the Joker 2 plot should play in this center. In this photo, Joaquín Phoenix conveys the mixture of fragility and risk to which he was granted the Oscar as a joker. This incredibly bad guy does not require a hero in colorful pantyhose that puts his craft. This extremely antiheroes movie does not need intricate special impacts from the computer to have a magnificent impact. Joker: Slide á DEU is scheduled to begin in German movie theaters on Thursday, October 3rd, 2024. To web page Share remarks 1 in Twitter Share Short Article


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