Where PSVR2 can be pre -bought.

The hottest new hardware in the PlayStation scene is the PSVR2 (or PlayStation VR2, technically), the latest VR headset from Sony. Pre-orders are now possible, and we have all the details you need directly here in this manual.

Listed below you will find information, publication dates and prices for all above.


As the follower to the initial PSVR headset, this newest set The next generation of virtual truth video games that enable you to escape into brand-new worlds and at the exact same time feel a revolutionary sensation of immersion. The main plan itself can also get a unique Horizon Call of the Mountain package and a charging station for the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

PSVR2: When does it appear?

Sony has actually now confirmed that PlayStation VR2 is formally releasing 22. February 2023.

PSVR2: How much does it cost?

PlayStation VR2 will have an advised cost of ₤ 549.99/ EUR 599.99/ 529.99.

where PSVR2 can be pre-ordered

The standard bundle contains your PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controller and stereo headphones and costs $ 549.99/ 599.99 ₤. This is presently specifically for PlayStation Direct, where they are asked to sign up to protect a pre-order.

If you are trying to find the standard bundle for PlayStation VR2, you are exactly right here.

Where can you pre-order PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Package?

If you are all set to invest a little more-or have constantly wished to play Horizon Call of the Mountain anyway-then this is the ideal plan for you.


This scandal sheet consists of all the above (headset, controller and headphones) as well as a PlayStation Shop coupon for Horizon Call of the Mountain. We will include pre-order links for this product as quickly as you go live.

Where can you pre-order the charging station for the PSVR2 Sense controller?

From November 2022, independent software titles, consisting of Horizon Call of the Mountain, can likewise be pre-ordered.

For $49.99/ 49.99 EUR/ ₤ 39.99, you can utilize this charging station to utilize the PS VR2 Sense controller by means of an easy click-in design without needing to link to a PS5 console. The benefit is that you launch the USB connections of the console and use a hassle-free method to charge your controllers.

We will include pre-order links for this product as quickly as you go live.

And lastly, if you wish to go all over and treat yourself to something, this controller charging station will make your VR gaming even sweeter.


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