The Super Saiyan 4 of Dragon Ball reaches: This is the official suit of such an iconic transformation

goku Dragon Ball fans may finally feel what it feels like to reach the level Super Taiwan 4 ; or almost. And it is that Banzai NAMC Entertainment h presented in Japan in official suit of such an iconic transformation of Roku into Dragon Ball GT , a level of power that initially only appeared in that anime series but that lately we have Seen how it h spread to other brand sag, is the ce of Dragon Ball Heroes and the first female fighter to reach that level.

This is the official Super Taiwan 4 Dragon Ball suit

And although these lt times we have enjoyed new levels of power and unpublished transformations such the ultra instinct of Roku or ultra ego of Veg eta, fans keep a special memory for the fourth level of Super Taiwan, A transformation that debuted in the anime series Dragon Ball GT , totally original saga that does not adapt any history of the Dragon Ball manga.

Now, and part of the almost endless merchandising of the franchise, the official Super Taiwan 4 costume he to light. Character due to reddish hair for almost the whole body. And this new suit shows it.

At the moment there is no more information about it beyond the curious image distributed by Banzai NAMC Entertainment , company responsible for its launch to the market; Neither marketing date nor price in yen. Nor h it been confirmed if more cosplay pieces will appear the bottom of the suit.

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