[Interview] It will be a representative game of Korea.

There is a saying that the tree that is called the tree is recognized from the cotyledon. Here is a game that's perfect for that. The main character is the false of the game P, which caught the attention of domestic users as well as domestic users before the launch.

The fact that children's fairy tale, Pinocchio, rebuilt it as a brutal fairy tale concept, and recently became popular all over the world, 'false of P', which has gathered a lot of attention in many ways, proves this interest. He won the PlayStation game, the best action adventure game, and the best role play game category, winning the three crowns.

Following Game Some, the demonstration version of G-Star is presented, and the false of the P, which welcomed users, is in the midst of quenching to become a representative game of Korea.

■ The core of the differentiated action of 'weapon combination & leave cancer,' false of P ' Q. I was recognized abroad before I won the three crowns of Games com. What do you think the secret?

Park Sung-joon: I did my best to make it fun in the external part as well as the quality. It seems that such efforts have been a driving force for good evaluation. I am pleased that the effort seems to have been recognized.

Q. I am currently recognized as a representative of the Korean console game.

Park Sung-joon: I accept it as a whip to make it hard. The responsibility to make it fun rather than the burden is greater.

Q. Recently, domestic game companies have challenged the Soul Lake genre. Nevertheless, what do you think Soul Lake is suddenly attracting attention recently?

Choir Jae-won: A few years ago, due to the high difficulty, there was a strong perception that it was a maniac genre. He won the GOT award and a game that posted overwhelming sales. As such, Soul Like has changed so that this challenge is a natural trend.

Q. I am also connected to BM, but I wonder if there is a plan to expand the story or content to DLC.


Choir Jae-won: I'm still thinking about DLC production. There is a desire to make a work of a high-end story, but there is no choice but to show content that could not be shown in the main story, but the attractive story of 'f' that could not be shown in the main story and the contents through the DLC Would.

Q. As a genre called Soul Like, please tell us what is the differentiation point and competitiveness of 'fall of P'.

Choir Jae-won: The worldview and story of the game also have a different point, but most of all, combat elements are the biggest features. The rules that have not been experienced before, systematized the elements that are suitable, and the change of the meta constantly occurred so that the fun of combat can be maintained as long as possible.

Specifically, the weapon combination system and the regional cancer system are mentioned. The weapon combination system is the most characteristic of creating new action by separating and combining the handles of the weapon that users have. Vietnam systems are designed to affect the compatibility of left arms and regions by changing the combat strategy itself as well as balance. In addition, the enemy's weapons destruction play and the balance of the enemy's type are also differentiated. After the battle, I paid much attention to the level design.

Q. What is the target sales volume? If you disclose the specific figures, please ask roughly.

Choir Jae-won: It is hoped that this environment, which is striving for Gamay in the future rather than a target sales volume from a numerical point of view, will continue. On the other hand, I would like to express my gratitude to Neo wiz, who supported these works.

Q. So what did Masada Fiumicino came to the booth?

Choir Jae-won: I talked hot (laughs). While cheering for each other's games and hoping to make a good game, he talked a lot from the developer's point of view.

Q. I reinterpreted the fairy tale of Pinocchio's adventure as a cruel fairy tale. I wonder if there is no IP expansion plan.

Choir Jae-won: It is also related to the previous DLC, but the worldview of 'fall of P', which was first conceived, was really huge. However, it was difficult in many ways to put all of this in one work from the beginning. So, rather than preparing a new fairy tale, I'm going to show the factors that I first envisioned, but not in the main story as a DLC.

It's still in its early stages, so I can only talk about this. In other words, I want to focus on expanding the vast story of the first false P's lies to DLC. Of course, if there is an attractive fairy tale, there is plenty of willingness to review the next work without hesitation.

Q. It's similar to bios hock somewhere that the city of prosperity has fallen. I heard that it is similar to Blood borne, but if there are other works influenced, please let me know what is.

Row Chang-gyu: I checked a lot of games in relation to art, but I didn't intentionally work with the game, and I basically focused on the Belle Epoch era. So he focused more on realistic materials than other games and built an art of 'f of P' based on such data. Of course, I also referred to videos such as movies, and I tried to build the false identity of 'f' as much as possible.

Q. I'm curious about the driving force that developed the false of P. Is the studio system very different from other companies?

Park Sung-joon: I was asked a lot about how I made this after publishing 'fall of P'. Until recently, this was biased only on mobile. In that area, there was a thirst that users and our developers wanted to make a game that gives them such a fun on the PC platform, and I felt that I would feel it and achieve meaningful results as a PC game. Naturally, the developers also gathered the great desire to form a studio, which seems to have come out of this good game. The sequel also plans to continue to work in that direction.

Q. In the case of the Soul Lake genre, it is basically high difficulty. In addition, please tell us what you care about level design.

Choir Jae-won: Personally, I think it's a kind of prejudice that the genre of the Soul Lake has a high difficulty. In fact, it seems that the difficulty is high because the difficulty is new, rather than the difficulty of the difficulty. Soul Lake is important to experience and judgment, but if it accumulates, it is never a difficult genre. In order to express that, the balance and level design elements have been studied well at the Tame and organized to stand out our own charm.

Q. I would like to hear my personal thoughts about how much the false of P will make a performance in Korea, and how the game company should try to develop the console market further in Korea.

Choir Jae-won: It was made well to domestic users, it's fun. There are some things that need to be a bit of results, but I don't think it's fun. Such reactions come out in Korea, and I hope that reaction will continue. Furthermore, I want to make it pride that domestic users make fun games in Korea.

Meanwhile, a lot of companies have developed console games recently, and I think it's a very good flow. I want to cheer up and hope that there are a lot of good works. However, I would like to compete in good faith with a lot of development and fun works from a company with a lot of experience in development.

Q. I wonder what was the development period and cost, how many people currently developed together, and what was the most difficult in the development process.

Choir Jae-won: It has been two years and eight months since the team set up and developed in earnest, including the idea. Personally, I think we are developing very fast and dense. The development team is slightly larger than the first, and about 100 people are participating.

The most difficult thing was that I had a few unexpected problems because of the low console know-how. Fortunately, Round 8 is a small organization with less console development, so I was able to respond quickly or wisely.

Q. I emphasized the action, but since there are a lot of games, I think the hurdles are high due to the high level of the users. What is the unique action of 'f of P' compared to competing works?

Choir Jae-won: Personally, I think that good action is a quick and clear relationship between attack and defense, and the user's visual awareness and the result should be convincing. The good feeling is that this is harmonious, and the graphic motion, the sense of blow from the blow, the impact of the hitting impact, etc. all have been concentrated to create a combat in harmony. I think this is a differentiated point of 'fall of P'.

Q. The weapon combination system that combines handles and blades can create a variety of play styles. Please explain more.

Choir Jae-won: The weapons are divided into blades and handles, and each has its own performance area. It also includes external and physical properties.