Iem Major Rio: 00 Nation loses IHC and is eliminated from the CS: GO World Cup

00 Nation is eliminated from iem major rio (check out the full guide of the championship), the first CS: GO of history held in azil. On Tuesday, Caldera's team, Taco, Dumas, Try and Latte lost to Mongolia's 2-1 Mongolian IOC Esports in a match marked by the extreme balance in the three maps of the series.

With the result, 00 Nation said goodbye to the competition with 3 losses and no victory, and is no longer likely to reach the Legends Stage, the main key of iem major rio who will have 16 teams, 8 of which have already qualified directly via RMRS from Europe and Americas: Do Clan, Navy, Ninjas In Pajamas, Once, Sprout, Heroic, Team Spirit and Team Liquid.


00 Nation

  • Caldera
  • TACO
  • Dumas
  • Try
  • Latte
  • Latte
  • CKY (coach)

IOC ESports


  • Techno
  • SK0R
  • Annihilation

Map 1 (Ancient)-00 Nation 16 x 14 IOC ESports

On the Ancient map, IOC started better on the CT side and opened 5-0 right away, but the 00 nation reacted as TR and ended the first half losing only 1 point: 8 to 7. After sides, balance Among the teams prevailed, but the 00 was slightly higher in the final stretch, won 4 rounds in sequence and sacred the 16-14 win.

Map 2 (Hell)-00 Nation 16 x 19 IOC ESports

The duel on the hell map was marked by the wide mastery of teams on the TR side. At the beginning of the game, the Mongolia team was dominant and opened 12 to 3, but 00 Nation balanced the actions in the second half sought the draw 15-15. In Overtime, IOC was superior to the azilian team and closed the game in 19 to 16.

Map 3 (overpass)-00 nation 16 x 19 IOC eSports