How to unlock the skin of Konig Anonymous in DMZ

In Call of Duty: DMZ there are various fractions missions for which players receive special intrastate awards. The award for completing the last mission of the Legion Tier 2 faction is the skin of the Anonymous operator for König. Although this is not the best operator’s skin in the game and is very similar to the default skin, you can still complete the task to unlock tasks of the next level.

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How to unlock the Frame Job mission in DMZ

How to unlock the skin Anonymous König in DMZ

How to unlock the Frame Job mission in DMZ

Frame Job is the last mission of the Legion Tier 2 fraction, and players need to unlock it. To access this mission, you first need to choose and complete any five of the six basic missions. The DMZ is easiest to fulfill the following:

  1. Transerjira
    • Get $60,000 in cash
    • Spend $60,000 in the store
  2. Buried barrels
    • Complete one contract for safe radioactive material.
  • Get four subjects from a radioactive cache.
  • Junker
    • Destroy six vehicles
  • Air defense
    • SAM SITE
    • Wait until your captured Sam Site shakes the plane.
  • Get the falling out
  • Data collection
    • Find and rob a computer
    • Remove four flash drives
    • Remove five hard drives

how to unlock the skin Anonymous König in DMZ

Start the DMZ match and begin to rob nearby buildings. You can also fulfill contracts and kill AI fighters to get money. As soon as you raised $18000 in cash, go directly to the nearest purchase station and buy LTV with a tower from the Gear store section. This will complete the first task in the Legion Frame Job faction mission.

Bring LTV to the village of Akhtar district (marked on the map above). This POI is located in the center of Asmara, next to the Observatory of AYU. Change places to jump into the tower and kill 10 bots with its help. This will complete the second task of your mission. Now customize the car to Marisa Make lands region (marked on the map above). Shoot with bullets and throw explosives at LTV to destroy it. This will complete the Frame Job mission for you and unlock the Anonymous skin for König. You can equip this skin in a multiplayer game, War zone 2 and DMZ from the Operators menu.


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