Delivery of high -definition digital human demonstration ENEMIES made by Unity, Japanese explanation video

Unity Technologies has announced that it has started downloading the digital human Enemies demonstration.

Unity Technologies, which has been showing high-definition character depictions in THE HERETIC, is a model for middle-aged women in the newly distributed demonstration Enemies, which is new. You can see the initiatives.

ENEMIES has improved the Real Eyes, a GPU skin attachment system that enables 4D pipeline, high-density mesh, and a real eye, and skin shaders that apply coins tics to the iris. In addition, blood flow simulation and wrinkle map tension technology reduce the need for facial rigs for detailed details.


In addition, unity technologies japan is released on the Enemies introduction video on the YouTube channel. You can check the explanation of hair statement tools, HDRP's eye shader, and skin tension solver in Japanese.

You can download the Unity digital human enemies that evolves year by year from the official website.


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