This would be the price of playstation consoles with current inflation

For more than 20 years , PlayStation arrived to consolidate as one of the star platforms in the world of video games, this after a failed treatment with Nintendo , who finally left with Philips *. Each device has had its suggested price, but if it had had the current inflation, without a doubt the figures to be paid would have been higher.

Here we show you the price list that each had with inflation, even the most recent, the PlayStation 5. Chicago here:

1.-PS3-$ 733.08 (20 GB) $879.99 (60 GB)

2.-PS1-$ 581.07


3.-ps2-$ 514.26

4.-ps4-$ 507.27

5.-PS5-$ 456.60 (Digital), $571.03 (DISC)

6.-PP-$ 377.61

7.-PSVITA-$ 321.20

As can be seen, the PlayStation 3 is placed as the console that could be the most expensive due to inflation, at the time it was not at all cheap, because in places like Mexico it reached exaggerated prices. And another detail that attracts attention is to know that the origin apparatus is second place, and ultimately is the PS5 , if we focus on the home consoles part.