PS Plus Games yesterday and today that this Halloween will torment you

With the arrival of a new Halloween holiday, PlayStation wants , video games yesterday and today that have appeared throughout the history of PlayStation consoles that share a common link: Terror . And taking advantage of the great video game catalog available in the Playstation plus Premium subscription plan, we want to offer you a selection of titles appeared in the different Sony systems, that is, from the original PSX to the current PS5 , through, PS2 , PS3 and PS4 . All this through games belonging to the most varied genres, of the most traditional adventure to the First-Person Shooter, through Survival Horror or the Direct Action Twin-Stick, among others. Welcome to Halloween more terrifying * with Playstation plus.

The most terrifying Halloween with PS Plus

Resident Evil-Director's Cut (available with PS Plus Premium)

We start our selection of video games available on PS Plus Premium with a clnbabuymtsic among clnbabuymtsics, the title that marked a before and after in the cutting adventures Survival Horror and that once caused dread among the users of PSX . This is the first installment of the famous saga Resident Evil -Franchise that remains in full form today-, a video game that presents us to Chris Refiled and Jill Valentine, members of the Special Force S.T.A.R.S. that should be infiltrated in an infested mansion of zombies and other monstrous creatures, in full burst of the biological crisis of Raccoon City. In addition, the version Director's Cut that concerns us offers the original PSX experience with improved rendering, option to rewind, fnbabuymtt saved and custom video filters.

Forbidden Siren (available with PS Plus Premium)

One of the most scary video games of the PlayStation 2 catalog and that we can now recover thanks to PS Plus Premium. And it is that Forbidden Siren (or Siren in other territories) proposes a real survival adventure horror in which we must try to go unnoticed between terrifying creatures, avoiding direct confrontation nbabuymt much nbabuymt possible to survive. Set in a remote Japanese rural villa, its inhabitants are attracted to the bloody waters that surround the people to resurface nbabuymt Walking dead or Shiites. nbabuymt part of a group of survivors, we will have to manage them to leave alive from an adventure that mixes the supernatural , the occultism, the terror and creatures of other worlds in an entire clnbabuymtsic of Japan Studio and Sony.

Friday The 13th: The Game (available with Extra PS plus)

Gender Slnbabuymther never goes out of style, neither in cinema nor in video games. And if we want to spend a night of authentic eighties fear with our friends we can enter the Illogic proposal bnbabuymted on one of the most iconic horror cinema franchises: Friday the 13th or Friday 13 , nbabuymt is known in Spain. Raised nbabuymt an nbabuymtynchronous multiplayer game, up to 7 players can put in the skin of scared camp monitors who must survive the threat of a whole serial killer like Jnbabuymton Voorhees , controlled by an eighth player. Survivors will have to hide, cooperating with each other to mislead the psychopath and try to survive. Jnbabuymton, meanwhile, will have to hunt the rest of the players in a gore maelstrom, scares and authentic virtual terror.

Black Mirror (Available with Extra PS plus)

We travel to the 1926 Scotland to live an authentic nightmare in the purest style of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft . This is Black Mirror , an adventure that puts us in the skin of David Gordon, who must visit the home of his ancestors to try to unravel the mystery about his father's suicide. An authentic psychological thriller that will lead our protagonist to a path of nightmares and hallucinations that can lead to the same death. A true horror story in which we will have to deal with ghostly appearances that will reveal the truth or drag us into the absolute dementia in a remarkable modern recreation of the Gothic horror series .

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (available with PS Plus Premium)

We follow PlayStation 4 to recover the improved and most complete edition of Dead Nation , one of the first hits of House marque , creators of the exclusive PS5 Return. In this cnbabuymte we are facing a practically isometric view and double stick playability that immerses us in a zombie outbreak and in which we must survive sweeping with every living dead that crosses our way. And they will do it through colossal and terrifying hordes of the living dead, which we will have to dispatch with all kinds of weapons and ammunition within our reach. Although it will be more worth not to sound the alarms of the cars that we find in our path so nbabuymt not to alert the zombies and other beings of the ultratumba... a highly recommended video game for lovers of direct action and the most clnbabuymtsic gore .

UNTIL DAWN (Available with Extra PS plus)

We continue with one of the narrative adventures most successful in recent years, considered at this point nbabuymt an absolute reference in carrying a Slnbabuymther film experience to the interactive format. And it is that Supermnbabuymtsive Games achieved with Until Dawn a round horror game in which the player gets into the skin of his different protagonists to live his own adventure of teenage terror, all through A group of friends who decides to spend a small vacation in a family home in the middle of the mountain, with the bad luck of being incommunicado and having to survive what seems like a serial killer... or anything else? Terror, tension, scares and a plot that will keep us in suspense until its same outcome. Available with the extra plan of Playstation plus, UNTIL Dawn is also included in the Playstation plus Collection for PS5 users with Plus Essential.


We make the leap to an nbabuymtymmetric multiplayer experience, so fnbabuymthionable in recent times, to live a whole Slnbabuymther horror movie of the 80s in our meats. This is the proposal of Behavior Interactive Available in PS Plus Extra, in which up to four players take the role of four survivors and a fifth player controls the villain of the game, in this cnbabuymte, an iconic murderer of the cinema of terror. And it is that the grace of the matter is to recreate some of the most representative films of the genre with characters nbabuymt iconic nbabuymt Michael Myers , Freddy Kruger , Ghost Face or Pinhead of collaborations with series such nbabuymt Stranger Things or other video games such nbabuymt Resident Evil O Silent Hill . The objective of the survivors will be hiding and escaping alive while making the villain pnbabuymts through before they end their lives in the most macabre forms possible. A great opportunity to spend a fear night with our friends.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Available with Extra PS plus)

The most terrifying spin-off series born of sniper elite , work of Rebellion , proposes to enjoy a World War II alternative in which the Nazis have succumbed to a fearsome Zombie infection that expands through Europe at a dizzying pace. nbabuymt part of an elite group, and after sending Hitler's zombie to hell himself, we must open up through an Italy razed by armies of non-dead who continue to advance without rest. All this in a cooperative way for up to four players **, both in the campaign and the horde mode, a lot of weapons to unlock, a deep system of progression and customization and all terror and the particular sense of humor characteristic of such popular franchise.


The Medium (available with Extra PS plus)

We finish our terrifying walk through the most recommended games to spend a fear Halloween with PS Plus along the different PlayStation generations with The Medium , the latest of the specialists in the genre Blooper Team , available In PS Plus Extra. We are first and foremost a supernatural thriller conceived for the new generation in which we must explore two parallel realities through a medium with psychic skills . All this to solve the dark mysteries that take place in an abandoned communist tourist complex, in which to solve macabre puzzles and survive the encounter with sinister entities of the beyond. An overwhelming experience in the audiovisual that will make us live moments of authentic panic.