Players discover how much you have to spend to get a game with the PlayStation Stars points

Officially the rewards program on Sony known as PlayStation Stars has arrived in America, and this has led fans to wonder how many points they will need to acquire some games. After all, the brand established that obtaining these simulators will bring them rewards in the form of exclusive content or trophies.

Players have discovered the proportion of points obtained compared to the purchase of titles. Sony will reward with 10 PS Stars points for every $1 that the Subscribers of Plus Get on games. Then, for example, if the NBA 2K 23 is purchased for $74 after taxes, 740 points plus the 50 points will be obtained for completing the objective of the campaign (as a week they are putting challenges).

At this time, users can exchange points of PS stars for five games to the following rates:

-The Quarry-17,500 points (sale price to the public $69.99)

-Senior PS4: 15,000 points (public sale price $59.99)

How -Hades: 6,250 points (sale price to the public $24.99)

-Cult of the Lamb-6250 points ($24.99)-IT Takes Two: 10,000 points ($39.99)

All that means that players have to spend USD $1,750 to unlock a single USD $69.99 game. That is around 24 full-price games. Without a doubt, Sony is failing to make clear how many points they will be granted with each purchase. Something that shops such as Nintendo Switch If they do before the user does the expense.