Nexon's first siege is imminent… The large -scale battlefield is unfolded in Intera Castle

The first siege of Hit 2 is slowly outlined. A month after the launch, the core PVP content, the siege of siege, is imminent, and the successful guilds who have successfully bidding for the siege will gather together in the Interest and have a large war with the first server owner.

Unlike the existing MMORPG, which is generally released after the launch of the siege war, Hit 2 has a clear goal from the start of the game by equipped with a siege as a launching specification.

The siege of is open when users in the server collect ether sculptures and inject them into four siege towers. After the Burning event of the Ether Sculpture, which was held to revitalize the siege on the 28th, the siege tower is being completed quickly around a large server, and the first siege war will be closed on October 2 and 9.

Introducing strategic elements with magic barriers… If you take the intera-based tax and the construction of a statue,

Every Sunday at 8:00 pm, the siege of Hit 2, which has more than 500 people in the frozen Grander snowy snow, can be participated in the siege bidding that begins the day before. The top 50 guilds of level 3 or more will be qualified to participate in the bidding, and the top nine guilds are finally the siege according to the bid results.

As a confrontation between the siege side to destroy the gate and the guards, and the aqueous side of the aqueous side, the siege side completes the engraving stones and occupies the inter. In the first siege war, Queen Adel's Defense Forces NPC begins with internal.

The unique feature of the Hit 2 Siege is that it can operate strategic play based on the unique gimmick of 'magic barrier'. The magic barrier is a water-based device that blocks the road, creating a powerful barrier that can defend the siege's attack by activating the scaffolds located in various places such as the gates, the guardian stone, and the resistance. Depending on the number of activated scaffolding, the barrier's defense ability changes step by step and can be distinguished through colors.

These magical barriers are more powerful as they have more people who participate in the activation of the foothold, the higher the defense of the personnel. In addition, the user who organizes the barrier together will share their health and live together. Based on these elements, the siege in is an important strategy of winning or losing the magic barrier to the time of the guild's teamwork.

After a fierce game, the final win in the siege warfare can be a tax owner for a week and can collect some settlement fees from the server exchange and the item sales fee of NPC merchants. The taxes accumulated in this accumulated tax can be distributed within the guild with sex and enjoys enormous power. In addition, a private loot store is provided with privileges to purchase rare products.

Nixon will hold an event for the first siege of and offer the opportunity to set up an event for each village for each village to hold an event for the month of October. The Blessing Statue, which provides a buff effect on all users in the server, is a special structure that can be built for each server.

Nixon Games Park Youngest PD said, Since Hit 2 started the service, the taxes accumulated on the entire server are about 15 million gems, and the most taxed server is about 2 million gems, with a very high reward. If you are a guild aiming for a siege war, I hope you will prepare well in advance and get a valuable victory.