Microsoft wanted to take game pass to PlayStation

As the days go by, things between Microsoft and Sony are getting more tense, that is because the great company of United States within not much will close the purchase of Activision Blizzard . And while everything is in process, some quite interesting statements have come out between both companies of great name.

It seems that in previous months, Microsoft brought the idea of introducing its game pass to Sony platforms, that includes PlayStation 4 and also in PlayStation 5. Before this, the company of Japan of course that jumped in negative, since it could overshadow its own services such as Plus , because at that time the changes were already contemplated.

At the moment the idea of incorporating the service to PlayStation would not be crazy, since it has already been commented that sooner or later Call of Duty will become an exclusive of Microsoft . And include Game Pass A PS4 and PS5 It would be an alternative to continue playing these shooters, that without having to be obliged to buy another console.

Microsoft For now, the regulation of the European Union is one of the factions that already refused to acquiring Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , since it would mean damage to the industry according to the industry according to Your perspective. However, other companies do not have any problem, so it is most likely that the great purchase is confirmed at the beginning of 2023 .

Via: The Gamer

Editor's note: Without a doubt, it would be a bit strange that Game Pass was launched on consoles such as PlayStation, but since the purchase of Activision is more than sworn, it can be the option to continue playing Call of Duty.