Kill or spare Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima?

The achievement of the end of Ghost of Sushi can be a difficult task in itself, but the reward is all the more painful, since the player is forced to make a difficult choice. Having reached a duel with Uncle Gin, Lord Chimera, you must make one of two options: the player must either kill Chimera or save his life. For those who want to access the New Game Plus mode in Ghost of Sushi, you need to make a choice, but the question is, what is the right choice?

Kill or spare Chimera in Ghost of Sushi?


Firstly, it should be noted that there is no correct or incorrect answer to this question. The story of Ghost of Sushi is being built around this moment, and the developers expected that the players would choose both, depending on their feelings for Gin, Samurai and the general plot of the game. Although the choice will either end the life of Chimera, or save it, the player must decide which choice is the most honorable. The only real difference between the two endings is the cosmetic awards that each of them gives.

Murder Chimera in Ghost of Sushi

If, after winning the duel, the player decides to kill Chimera with honor, Jin will fall to the ground and meet face to face with his uncle. Then, having pulled out his tanto-knife, Gene strikes chimera in the chest, flooding with tears. This is a heartbreaking moment for the player following the story of Gin, given that Chimera was his only remaining family. After that, the credits will go to Gin to the shelter, which will continue its campaign against the remaining Mongols. The award for the murder of Chimera is righteous punishment the color of the armor of the gin, which stains them in a pure, bright white color.

Salvation of Chimera in Ghost of Sushi

If instead the player decides to spare Chimera after a duel, Jin tells Chimera that he will not kill his only family, saying that he has no honor. Chimera tells Gina that he will never stop hunting a ghost (Gene), but Jin just puts on a ghost mask and leaves. And again the credits go, and Jin is in the same refuge. For this ending, the player is awarded Oath of revenge coloring, characterized by a combination of dark red and black colors.

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