Fans are not happy with PlayStation Stars


PlayStation Star works on four levels, each depending on the amount of games you buy and the trophies you have. From one to three, you can get a digital figure that you can presume. However, it was recently revealed that Those in the highest category will be prioritized for customer service . This is what is mentioned in this regard:


You will receive a commemorative collectible, and can use all the level 1-3 collectibles. When you get in touch with PlayStation customer service, you can prioritize the order of the chat.

This wants those who spend more money and invest more time in PlayStation games, can be treated faster by a problem. As expected, users around the world are not happy with this decision . Considering that at the moment there is only talk of Asia, there is the possibility that this preference is not available in other regions, but for the moment there is no more information about it.

In related issues, PlayStation announces new collaboration with Call of Duty. Similarly, director ensures that PlayStation Plus will serve to give new life to its games.

Editor's note:

Fans are in their right to get angry. Customer service is very important, and prioritizing everyone who spends more money is something that should not happen. Hopefully PlayStation take these criticisms in consideration and change this as soon as possible.