SIEK opened a professional store at Lotte Hi -Mart Suzy Lotte Mall

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SEEK) announced on the 26th that it opened a PlayStation® specialty store at Lott Hi-Mart Suzy Lott Mall located in Suing, Longings on September 23 (Fri).

The reason why SEEK opened the PlayStation® professional store in Lott Mall after Lott Hi-Mart Jamil is due to its excellent customer access. Suzy Lott Mall is directly connected to Songbook Station, Shin Bun dang Line, and has high convenience of moving and is excellent in accessibility to arrive within 30 minutes from Gangnam Station.


In the new Lott Hi-Mart Resin Lott Mall, the PlayStation® specialty store can check the 100 kinds of products, including PlayStation® console game consoles, various game titles, peripherals, and PlayStation® products, and the store size is about 45m2 (about 13.6 Yong).

In addition, SEEK has set up an experience zone in the store so that visitors can experience PlayStation®5 directly, and a customized counseling diagram is provided by assigning a professional consultant to recommend products that visit customers or special promotions and discount information. To provide.