NVIDIA RTX 4000 news: RTX 4090 2-4

We provide you the one-of-a-kind chance to ask us your questions regarding RTX 4000! If you have any inquiries about the new GPUs prior to our test, please ask them right here in the remarks under the short article. Germany's top visuals' god, our RAAF, will answer your inquiries without gaps following week in a reply video clip.

RTX 4080

The brand-new NVIDIA flagship is the RTX 4090. It is currently expected on October 12th. The report mill was in the race lately, since the RTX 4090 counts on the AD102 with 16,384 FP32 shaders and 2,520 MHz Boost. The GDDR6X memory with 24 gigabytes must be 21 gigabits per 2nd quickly and also with 384 little bits, which suggests around 1 terabyte per 2nd storage data transfer, as is the RTX 3090 Ti.

RTX 4090

With the RTX 4080, they primarily have actually been confirmed: Nvidia differentiates in between a 12-gigabyte and 16 gigabyte variation, however both versions vary not just by the graphics memory, yet likewise by important technical parameters.


dlss3, ray tracing and tensor

Third generation ray tracing cores are supposed to provide 200 RTT flops. According to NVIDIA, the third generation of ADA RT Cores have two times as high throughput of the crossways of rays as well as triangles, which enhances the PRE-FLOP performance by greater than twice. The brand-new RT Cores additionally have a so-called OPACITY Micromap (OMM) Engine and also a brand-new Displaced Micro-Mesh (DMM) engine. The OMM engine enables much faster ray mapping of alpha-tested textures, which are made use of, as an example, for fallen leaves, particles and fencing. The DMM engine is largely intended to make it possible for the ray tracing of geometrically intricate scenes in genuine time.

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We provide you the special possibility to ask us your concerns concerning RTX 4000! If you have any concerns about the brand-new GPUs prior to our examination, please ask them right here in the remarks under the write-up. Germany's leading graphic god, our RAAF, will certainly address your concerns without spaces following week in a reply video clip.


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