It seems that Mario's movie already has a name

The last piece of information that was shared about the Mario this project. However, a new record could well have revealed the name that this feature film will have.

Recently, the official Illumination Studios site in France updated its project list. Here you can see names such as minions, despicable me, sings, The Lorax and more. However, The title that attracts attention is the first, super Mario Bros . In this way, it is very likely that fans speculations have finally come to an end.

Although super Mario Bros sounds as the name that a Mario film would carry, At the moment there is no official confirmation by Illumination Studios or Nintendo , so this information could be modified in the coming months.


Considering that The tape will premiere until 2023 , they will surely spend a couple of months before Nintendo or Illumination Studios share more information about this project. In related issues, it seems that a new 2D Mario is already in development. Similarly, Mario Kart Tour will eliminate its GACHA element.


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