The production of the movie Gravity Daze started. A production company led by Ridley Scott of Alien is working with PlayStation Productions

PlayStation Productions and film production company Scott Free Productions started the movie version of ** Gravity Daze/Gravity Dizziness: Return to the Sue (hereinafter, GAVITY DAZE). That's it. Overseas media Deadline reports.

GRAVITY DAZE is an open world gravity action released for PS Vita in 2012. In 2015, it was also released for PS4, and the sequel was developed. The stage is the aerial city Heki Saville. The player becomes Kitun, a girl who manipulates gravity, faces the gravity storm that attacks the town, and the threat of her enemy, Nevi. In game play, you can use PS Vita or controller gyro sensor. The title is characteristic of falling actions that fall in the air while switching the direction of gravity arbitrarily.

The sequel, Gravity Daze 2/Gravity Dizzy Complete Edition: The Return to the Upper layer, the Selection of her inner universe was released in 2017 for PS4. In each case, the director is Keiichiro Totoyama and the scenario writer is Naoko Sato.

The movie version of Gravity Daze seems to be co-produced by PlayStation Production and British film production company Scott Free Productions. Scott Free Productions is a company co-founded by film director Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott. In the past, he has worked on many popular works, such as Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner 2049. Regarding the movie version of Gravity Daze, ANNA MASTRO of Secret Society-The Second Child Secret Society of the Royal Family- will be written by EMILY JEROME.


PlayStation Productions is a Studio under the Sony Interactive Entertainment established in 2019. He produces and produces movies and dramas based on games. Most recently, he worked in the movie Ancharmed released in February this year with Columbia Pictures and others. In addition, in 2023, the HBO drama The Last of US will be broadcast.

The movie version GHOST OF TSUSHIMA and Jack x Daxar are being produced as a movie that has not been revealed on the release date. This time, GRAVITY DAZE has been added there. I look forward to seeing how the fantastic scene of Gravity Daze and the action that falls in the air will be drawn.