Sony, which declared mobile entry, accelerated with the acquisition of mobile game companies

SIE announced on the 30th that the PlayStation Studio has signed a final contract to acquire Savage Game Studios. Savage Game Studio is a mobile game developer.

The newly acquired Sabbi Game Studio will be organized in the mobile division, which was recently launched by the PlayStation Studio. The mobile division is operated independently with console development and will develop mobile games based on new IP and existing PlayStation popular IP.


Recently, Sony has expanded its activities beyond the console. Following the launch of its exclusive game on a PC, the mobile division has also declared its mobile market. Through this, a player without a PlayStation device will be prepared to enjoy its own games, but he will not forget the dedication to existing console users and the single player narrative-oriented experience.

Hermen Hulst, head of the PlayStation Studio, said, We will provide more exciting games to users who play mobile games with consoles and PC games. I can't disclose it in detail, but you can expect it.


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